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Build A Water Park

Build A Water Park

Haisan as a water theme park builder, offers water park equipment production, water park design, plan, build and construction. We sincerely welcome you to build your own theme park with our professional team.

Since Haisan entered the water park industry, it has been dedicated to the exploration and research of water park investment, design, construction, management, operation and upgrade for nearly 16 years. Compared with other companies, Haisan has more rich practical experience on managing the whole project, providing not only the equipment, but also overall solution to make water park profitable.

The 16 years has witnessed the great and continuously improvement of the comprehensive strength of Haisan. We have accumulated rich practical experience on planning and designing tourist resort, theme parks, municipal gardens and other kinds of project, completing more than 600 items that have vital influence around the world, which create a good social reputation and economic benefits for project investors. With various professional talent team on market research, project planning, landscape, architectural decoration, structure building, mechanical and electrical work, water supply and drainage, etc., Haisan provide customers with one-stop professional services.

Water Park Projects and Images

With the excellent design and reliable products, we've constructed big water park projects invested by big groups in China and have exported our water park equipment to overseas market Such as Southeast Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa, South America etc. Here you can find some popular water theme parks built by Haisan around the world. Welcome to check more detail water park projects images.
  • Build a water park in Egypt
    Build a water park in Egypt
  • Build a water park in Thailand
    Build a water park in Thailand
  • Build a water park with Haisan
    Build a water park with Haisan
  • Vietnam Aqua Park Built By Haisan
    Vietnam Aqua Park Built By Haisan

Something You May Need to Know About Water Theme Park Design and Plan

Haisan Water Park Investment Expert Team for planning Haisan Design and Plan Water Theme Park Introduction of 6 Steps about Water Park Design and Planning Water Park Cost Three Suggestion about Water Park Design

Haisan Water Park Investment Expert Team for planning

Based on market demand analysis of the water park project location, following the concept idea of making profit as the hard truth, to avoid three big misunderstandings of water park investment, Haisan water park investment expert team makes your water park risk lower, profit faster! At present, 90% of water park investors have the following three mistakes:

  • confusion of patterns: Regardless of project resources of the area and investors themselves, simply blindly copy and apply others' patterns.
  • confusion of roles: Judge tourists' preferences and make wrong investment decisions from investors' perspective.
  • confusion of elements: Think that the bigger field and the more expensive equipment is better, and pin too much hope of making money on the equipment.

Different market demand, regional competition, city size, traffic situation and consumption concept need different investment planning; Tourists' preferences and values are often inconsistent with the value proposition of investors; The larger the site, the greater the investment and equipment management cost. These are basically the main reasons why water park projects fail.

The investment of the water park must be aimed at profit, planning the project by increasing revenue and expenditure, combining market demand increase, to create a popular water park with differentiated means. We must make a whole set of investment planning through the professional market research, investment analysis, resource analysis, the orientation of differentiation, facilities selection, packing style, management process planning, tourist reception planning, facilities planning, brand marketing planning, to achieve such purpose.

Haisan Design and Plan Water Theme Park

Haisan Design and Plan Water Theme Park Our water park design team with 16-years professional experience, employing the main line of popularity and attraction, reasonable scientific equipment configuration, customize you a stimulus, fun, novel, unique water park scheme, creating a super water park.

The investment in the water park is to be profitable after all, while two key points of water park's profits lie in attractiveness and cost control. How to create a super popular water park and make refinement process? With nearly 20 years' focusing on study and research, Haisan can be said to fully grasp the mystery.

The reason why people go to aqua park is that it can bring people the experience that can't get from daily life. The difference and unique design of the project are important and necessary to make customers feel fresh, pleased, exciting and geniality, effectively get rid of the obsession from hot, dry, depression, loneliness, tension, etc.

Whether a water park project can make money, planning is very important. Water park planning is not only a technical problem, but a concept problem. Planning is for business management. Wrong planning would result in high management costs, potential safety hazard, unreasonable process, guest unsatisfactory, staff spillover and so on, which is difficult to rectify in the future.

Introduction of 6 Steps about Water Park Design and Planning

Whether the water park project can be carried out is determined by the market, which means that investment in water park projects must be based on the comprehensive understanding of target customer groups, consumption characteristics, consumption patterns and investment characteristics.

The customer group in the water park generally takes the local group as the first class, covering young people between 19~35 years. The proportion of the individual is high, in whom family members, students and lovers occupy the first three places with the characteristics of repeated consumption. Therefore, the primary task of building a water park project is to fully understand the market capacity, consumption, consumption habits and consumer groups of the project, starting from the demand of the market rather than blindly investing.

In the water park planning and design process, the water park should follow the six points basically.
  • Water Theme Park Location and Scale The current water park around the world is mainly outdoor water park, peak time for summer. No matter how hard the manager tried, it is useless if he miss the peak time. Many investors in China take the Guangzhou Changlong water park as a model, hoping to build a better water park every time. We advise investors not to blindly compare. The location and scale of water parks should be determined by local reliable passenger volume, convenient traffic conditions and consumption level.
  • Pay attention to the equipment The current water theme  park around the world is mainly outdoor water park, peak time for summer. No matter how hard the manager tried, it is useless if he miss the peak time. Many investors in China take the Guangzhou Changlong water park as a model, hoping to build a better water park every time. We advise investors not to blindly compare. The location and scale of water parks should be determined by local reliable passenger volume, convenient traffic conditions and consumption level.
  • Water Park Equipment Configuration There have also been major changes in water park equipment configuration in recent years. The water park have fewer and fewer body contact slides, while more inclined to use large-scale composite water slides. In this part, people should take household consumption groups into consideration. It's preferred to install more family entertainment facilities which are suitable for all ages and avoid equipment accumulation, and also keep sufficient space for activities.
  • Obey the water park construction rules During the construction process, the water parks need to comply with the requirements and specifications of civil construction. Illegal operation to catch deadlines are forbidden. At present, there are several controversial issues in the water park: "What materials are used for the wave pool and sink pool?" , "What material does the water park use to make anti-slipping roads?" Frankly speaking, the materials are useless in the condition of poor civil construction quality. In order to catch deadlines, we have discovered many problems such as foundation sinking, pipeline breakage, and surface decoration, etc. We must respect science and implement with standard construction.
  • Water Park Design The design of water park must ensure completeness and accuracy. One of the most apparent differences between the water park and other theme park is that the system equipment is supposed to conceal underground. When in design,  people must take full account of the pipe network system, the water supply and drainage system of the entire park, the water supply and electromagnetically control system for each device, the water treatment system, the design of each machine room and each sink, as well as the coordinate size and location of each equipment base. Be sure to complete design before construction.
  • Emphasis on amusement treatment facilities is the soul of the aquatic theme park. A clear and clean pool will please visitors a lot. However, now the water quality in most domestic water parks is not satisfying. The water is clean in off-season but becomes milky and smelly once visitors increase. 
  • To solve the problem, artificial spraying of pesticides and adding clean water are the common methods, but the effect is poor. Some investors have imported excellent filtration equipment from the United States in order to improve the water quality but also can not see satisfying effect. Water treatment is consisted of systems such as circulation, purification,  filtration, disinfection, monitoring and so on. It is impossible to guarantee the water quality without a suitable designed system. How to maintain good water quality is also an urgent issue in the construction of domestic water theme parks.

Water Park Cost

How much are supposed to invest for a water park? This is a question that has no scope. To answer the question, firstly we need to understand some basic conditions for investors.

    1) Where do you want to build your water park? They need to consider whether the province or city or county or town they choose is qualified for building a water park;
    2) What is the permanent population of the cities or towns where you built the water park, and how many people are there in the surrounding area? In particular, what is the population of young and teenage people, and how is the daily visitor flow? The local consumption level also need to be considered.
    3) Is there a similar water park around the area? If yes, what the scale, amusement items and relative equipment and service?
    4) How is the investor's own financial ability? And if there is an investment budget?

Only have a comprehensive understanding of above basic investment conditions, can our professional sales provide you a targeted investment plan. And with a detailed investment plan, the question of water park cost needed for investment will be easily solved!

In fact, the investment scale to a water park is not fixed. For example, if your project is built in a first-tier city and there is no similar water park in that area, then you can consider investing in a large and medium-sized water park. However, large-scale water parks usually requires a large one-time capital investment. If you are limited in capital or investment budget, we suggest a stage construction plan. We can divide the whole construction process into three stages. This solution not only solves the capital problem, but also reduces the investment risk and expands the scale, which is a good choice for many investors. 

Here is water park cost list based on the general water park equipment supply to build a medium-sized theme park. Be noted that the price is just a rough quotation, please contact our sales representatives for detail.



Water Park Equipment Image

Price (US Dollar)


Boomerang slide

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Space Bowl for two people

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Whizzard slide

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Speed water slide

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D Family slide(open)

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Small water house


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Wave pool

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Lazy river

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Pencil spray

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Frog slide

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Coral slider

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Arc spray

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Rain pillar

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Three Suggestion about Water Park Design

In order to cope with the current problems in the market, avoid repeating the mistakes and realize the sustainable development of water parks, Guangzhou Haisan proposed the following solutions and suggestions at the water park planning and design stage.

1. Accurate positioning & reasonable planning

An overall creativity and design is the first and the most crucial step in the construction of a water park. This stage determines the development direction and theme positioning of the water park. First of all, excellent water parks have appropriate theme story lines for thematic ideas, and each design element fits with the theme. Second, we must fully consider the construction area and functional layout on the market demand. According to the experience of the authoritative water park planning and design company, the average playing area for foreign water park visitors is 14 square meters per person, while this figure is 4-6 square meters in Asia. Therefore, when planning the water park area, it should be based on market demands and consider instantaneous capacity. After that, we can obtain an appropriate construction area, required equipment capacity and the areas for changing rooms, storage rooms, and commercial site. Do not randomly expand the construction are without the market demands. Once again, for a comprehensive water park project, consideration must be given in combination with process design, construction, landscape, water supply and drainage, HVAC, machinery, and electrical.

2. Create unique experience& Avoid homogenized competition

Trapped into a vicious circle of competing amusement equipment, some domestic water parks are always trying to get the titles of "Asia's First", "China's First" and other titles to win the eyes and create advertising gimmicks. As everyone knows, the "highest, largest and longest" amusement devices are merely the experience of amusement stimulation. Actually, the most important thing for the water parks management is to provide special experiences that can attract tourists to visit again. 
Visitors for water park are mostly from the age of 11 to 35. The composition of tourists are mainly young couples, friends, family groups and those middle and low income people are relatively attracted. The radius of tourists is less than 1.5 hours by any transportation way. The peak period of tourists is usually during weekends and school holidays. Therefore, in order to create a unique experience, we must fully consider the needs of the target customer group, such as setting up a multi-functional watershed project to attract teenagers and children. 

Besides setting up a water slide suitable for family rides and a pool suitable for children .  Also the area of the wave pool ( The domestic wave pools’s area is usually from 2000 to 4000 square meters.) is supposed to be increased to expand capacity of the park. What’s more, providing diversified experience services such as offering visitors thematic performances to leave them a pleasant impression.

3. Integrated development & Improve secondary consumption
In the case of fixed tickets, the improvement of consumption level mainly depends on the commercial sales and the consumption of catering facilities in the water park area. The secondary consumption in water park includes the lease of lockers, the purchase of aquatic toys such as swimsuits, swimming rings and water guns, and the consumption of food and beverage. 

In terms of the payment services, it is inconvenient for tourists to carry money and goods when they enter the amusement area. The water park provides tourists with intelligent bracelet as a tool of mobile payment which also cooperates with with it in order to clear the barriers to payment. With the development of the new technology, the intelligent bracelet can also be used as an interactive experience project, which can not only solve the problems of queuing for projects and payment, but also is an interactive experience trigger. It can trigger some water spray or special effects in the park. 

In terms of commercial layout, commercial selling points are generally arranged around the entrance area of the park, the dressing room and storage room; in the amusement area, in order to get good visual effects, the food and beverage facilities are usually set up around the amusement equipment, which is not only convenient for tourists to stop and watch, but also can increase their residence time and improve their consumption opportunities. 

In terms of the development of commodities and food products, these aspects should not only conform to the local customs, but also have uniqueness and themes. Only in this way can it be better accepted by people. The theme park planning and design is a very professional project. We must have rich planning experience, familiarity with the market environment and developing needs of the water amusement park, so we can create a high-quality paradise project that meets the healthy development needs of the market.

Haisan Water Park Construction and Build

To build a Water Park Step by Step FAQs of Water Theme Park Construction Water Theme Park Construction Period

To build a Water Park Step by Step

Take Dream Valley Water Park As an Example Take Dream Valley Water Park As an Example

1. Identify the aquatic theme park project objectives.
2. Understand the relationship between the project and the surrounding area.
3. Understand the land status.
4. Water park planning concept
    a. Based on local conditions, ecological priority concept.
    b. Design concept of middle and high-end refined themed products.
    c. High starting point and high specification planning.
    d. Highlight the principle of uniqueness.
5. Project positioning
    a. Project topic positioning.
    b. Positioning of project architectural style.
    c. Product strategy.
6. Concept of project group
7. Water park construction

FAQs of Water Theme Park Construction

  • 1. What is the process of cooperation with water park builder?

    · Project situation communication

    · Field survey

    · Investigation, planning and evaluation

    · Project budget and investment

    · Determine cooperation, go further of the design and equipment production

    · Water park construction organization and equipment installation

    · Equipment commissioning and operation training, after service, management consultation

  • 4. How to invest water park in low risk? According to our study on the water park for many years,  the influence factor whether a water park project will make a loss or profit, the selection of water amusement equipment is as important as project investment planning, operation management and marketing, not a single one can be omitted. 
  • 7. What is the industry standard for the water park?
    In China, there are two main national standards for water park industry at present: GB/T 18168-2008 "General Technical Conditions For Water Recreation Facilities" and GB8408-2008 "Safety Standard For Amusement Facilities". 
  • 2. How much does it cost to build an aquatic amusement park? Generally speaking, to build a medium water theme park, 1 million us dollar for a project's water park equipment facilities, to build a large size one, 2 million necessary. While situations vary from location, equipment choices, ect.
  • 5. How long it usually takes to get back the capital? Generally speaking,  the investment of water park will start to profit in the third year under normal operation condition.
  • 8. How to market and popularize water parks?
        a. Be clear about the market positioning and unique selling points. 
        b. Be devoted in the brand publicity. 
        c. Developing appropriate marketing channels. 
        d. Lay emphasis on innovation while doing internal management. 
  • 3. How to plan the water park project to achieve the best results?
    According to nearly 20 year's experience in water park industry, there are misunderstandings on the investment of water park, like blind pursuit of novelty and no combination of the market. You need to make the best use of the water parks benefits to achieve appreciation year by year. Four key points to note:
        a. Conform to the local market;
        b. Be attractive and characteristic;     c. Do a good job in market promotion;
        d. Do well in operation and management.
  • 6. How long is the life of general aquatic amusement equipment? What to do when expires? 
    The life of the general water park equipment is 10 years. After the equipment expired, we will make a comprehensive assessment according to the status. 

Water Theme Park Construction Period

As for the theme park construction period, if not considering the time required by the relevant application procedures of the investor, and the construction and equipment production can be carried out at the same time. It will take about 180 days from the construction to the installation of the equipment. However, it is under the circumstance that all the work can be carried out smoothly. As far as I am concerned, according to the development situation of the whole water theme park industry these days, in fact, the construction of a relatively complete water park from the planning to the completion of the project construction shall cost mostly 8-12 months, 12 months is better, the reasons are as follows:

1. At present, water theme park industry is a kind of sunrise industry, which is developing rapidly. The construction of water theme park all over the country and even the world has sprung up like bamboo shoots, which puts huge burden on the enterprises that conduct water theme park construction, and the construction investment service is in short supply.

2. On the basis of first reason, the orders of the major construction enterprises are basically super-saturated, so each builders carry out the projects of multi-investors at the same time, which has scattered a large part of the manpower, material resources and time, including equipment production and delivery time.

3. There are not so many enterprises that really have qualification, strength, experience and profession in this industry. As far as I know, there are only dozens of companies including Haisan that can meet all these requirements, and the others are just intermediary service enterprises that focus on selling equipment, formulating design, developing projects or constructing projects, they are lack of necessary qualification certificates.

4. Related industries that undertake the water park projects should cooperate with enterprises that have qualification certificates, such as real estate companies, tourism development companies, landscape design companies, construction units, trade companies of the same trade and so on.

5. We should also consider whether or not the application procedures of the investors can be approved. It is normal to waste some time in the process of application for many projects.

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