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Factors in purchasing water park equipment

Factors in purchasing water park equipment

Factors in purchasing water park equipment

Amusement equipment plays an important role in meeting people's growing entertainment needs. Every holiday, the playground is basically full. While bringing people happiness, some amusement facilities have hidden safety hazards. The water park equipment industry belongs to the equipment for everyone to play. It is a place for people to relax and find happiness. Therefore, there are strict requirements for amusement equipment in the way of play, product appearance, and quality. Only when these three requirements are met. can. The following is an analysis of factors in the purchase of water park equipment industry.

The hot sales of water parks have also caused many manufacturers to shift their production focus to the production of waterpark equipment for sale, which has also caused the brands and prices of water park equipment on the market to be uneven. In this form, consumers What factors should be considered when purchasing large-scale water park equipment?

We must first look at the brand. How does the brand reflect? As the saying goes, “Everyone says yes, it is really good!" The best reflection of this sentence is the case made by the manufacturer. Generally, the strong brand manufacturer will definitely have done a large number of cases and successful cases. The proportion of large-scale cases must not be small. It is also necessary to understand whether the distribution areas of these cases are evenly distributed or very concentrated in a certain area. This can also reflect from the side whether the manufacturers have regional weaknesses. Our Is the location of the water park a hot selling place for manufacturers? The most important thing is to go to the location of the case for field project inspection. When consulting with the salespersons of the manufacturers, many salespersons will bluntly praise how good the product is in order to sell products. We must pay attention to “smart eyes and bead”. No matter how they are crazy, it is better to ask what they have actually used. The crowd of the product, therefore, we suggest that you, if possible, investigate more cases, experience each product yourself, and ask more about the investors and operators of the case to understand the characteristics of each product as much as possible , Advantages and disadvantages, etc.

Secondly, it depends on whether the qualifications are complete. The two main certificates of the formal water park equipment manufacturers are: “Special Equipment Production License" and "Special Equipment Installation, Modification and Maintenance License". Many manufacturers are like following the trend. Look at this, Just do this if you are hot, but you don't have experience in this industry, and you need the manufacturer to have relevant technical personnel. Of course, it is impossible to apply for the qualification immediately, so there is a great risk and safety. It will also bring a lot of unnecessary trouble to the later operation of the park. The acceptance, approval, and issuance of qualification licenses for all special equipment are implemented by the provincial quality and technical supervision department, which is strictly in accordance with national laws and regulations. At present, there are new A-level certificates and B-level certificates in the industry. Obtaining these two certificates is much more difficult than the above-mentioned. If the manufacturer has the A-level certificate, then there is no doubt that the manufacturer must be technical Excellent brand manufacturer. You can buy their products with confidence.

Finally, the price. At present, with more and more water parks, the homogenization of products is becoming more and more serious, and the water park market is further full. Many manufacturers are fighting price wars in order to compete and open up sales. The bottom-line price war. There is an old saying that "merchants pay more attention to profits", will merchants sell products at a loss? The answer is obviously easy to see, and of course you will not sell products at a loss. If you don't lose money, how can you sell at a low price? As a result, many manufacturers are also engaged in price wars and cut corners on their products, resulting in the birth of a large number of substandard products, causing frequent quality problems in the process of customers’ operations, which not only delays business, but also affects The mood, serious, will cause safety problems, so it is really not worthwhile to calculate. After all, the truth that what you pay for what you pay for still exists, and operators should not delay later operations for the sake of temporary cheapness. When we choose products, we should assume that the quality is good and the price is not too high.

In short, the above is our three-point factor analysis on the purchase of waterpark equipment for sale, hoping to play a role in welcoming major investors and operators.

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Haisan is committed to providing the best-quality product and service by investing in continuous research and development. Haisan have specially established water park equipment research center which has got the strongest ability for design and research and more than 70 patents obtained. We are also a member of IAAPA and National Aquatic Entertainment Facility Standard Unit and 3 technical staffs from our company who set the GB/T18168-2008 standards (Specifications of water amusement equipment category). Haisan is the unique company in water park equipment filed, which is reported by CCTV - the most credibility media, as the brand enterprise of "Made In China".

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