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Indoor water park equipment operation management in winter

Indoor water park equipment operation management in winter

Among all the attractions, the most affected by the season is the water park. The water park is known as the "golden 100 days", that is, the best operating time of the water park is only 100 days, and the operating season is between the months of 6, 7, 8, and 9 per year, depending on the climate of different regions. set. Most outdoor water park equipment follow this rule, but with the development of the water park industry in China, many parks use the indoor and constant temperature operation methods to lengthen the operation time of the water park, in order to obtain more revenue, but in the In the actual operation process, the water parks open in the four seasons often face pressures such as the off-season depression and cost investment.

The decline in the number of people entering the park is the most direct explanation, which is related to the different physiological and psychological seasonal needs of tourists. In summer, the temperature is high, people's desire for hydrophilicity is strong, and the temperature in autumn and winter is low. Even if the indoor water park is warmer than the outdoor, it is affected by seasonal habits, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is easy to cause discomfort caused by cold, etc. Visitors will choose to choose indoor water. The frequency of paradise play. Moreover, in winter, people wear more clothes, troubles in dressing, inconvenient storage, etc., which will also reduce the interest of ordinary tourists.

The indoor operation of the indoor water park is a double-edged sword. At present, indoor water parks basically use the constant temperature of the four seasons to increase the attractiveness. The four seasons of the water park to achieve winter operation is an effective means of balancing the peak season and improving the annual income and benefits. Especially in the hot spring resort, because the indoor pavilion can combine the functions of spa and water recreation, it has become an indispensable accessory in the hot spring resort, achieving annual management cost sharing and employee stability, and has comprehensive management benefits. The construction of indoor water parks should be based on the market environment, climate conditions, transportation convenience and other factors. If the project's radiation market passenger flow and heating and other management costs can not achieve a reasonable ratio, then the decision should be made according to the feasibility assessment results.
In addition, in order to be successful in the operation of winter indoor water parks, we must work hard in the early planning and positioning. It should not be just a water park, but should be a favorite of water recreation and hot spring health, performance sightseeing, sports and fitness, food and entertainment. Amusement project integration.

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