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On the design and capital raising of theme park from the perspective of operation-5

On the design and capital raising of theme park from the perspective of operation-5

On the design and capital raising of theme park from the perspective of operation-5

 Viewpoint two           

As a theme park operator, do you often ask - why do we need to raise funds for many designs in the design process? Do they specialize in design or not? Our operation tells the design unit how to design, then we have become engaged in design, what should the design unit do? 
For this point of view, the operation team can eliminate it later, and capital raising is an important work that must be done. In the first question, I have mentioned the operation capital raising standard, and the operation plan review is very important for a project. If the more operators participate in the design of a park, the better. I suggest that those large groups do several parks. It's not necessary to have an operation team for a project from the beginning to the beginning. You can consider setting up a special operation and capital raising team, including the design team, setting up a design and operation project team, and professionally cooperating with the design to do the operation and capital raising of all projects.           

Return to the essence of the problem. The colleagues of the operation team will not have such a question any more. As operators, we must raise more capital and help design better. I often tell my team that you must seize the project opportunity in the pre opening stage, which is the most rewarding stage for you. For example, to find an operation manager or senior manager who has been working on the project for more than ten years since the opening of the project, he has not experienced the work before the opening of the project, so he asked a simple question: "how high is the counter top of the ticket window from the ground? I believe that many people will be tongue tied. Some people will say let the design institute design it, but this question is the question that the design institute asked the operation team to answer when I was doing Nanchang Wanda theme park. For this reason, we measured several ticket windows of the park, and finally formed the operation and capital raising standard of our own park. There are tens of thousands of similar standards, which fully shows how detailed the operation funds should be.            Here I would like to emphasize that I define capital raising as "forward capital raising" and "reverse capital raising". The so-called forward capital raising is to use the standard of capital raising to make operational disclosure to the designer at the same time of design, so as to inform the other party in advance of the design needs and requirements of each specialty in operation, so as to improve the design speed and level, and minimize the problems found in the drawings, so as to make the design redone. The designer also needs to communicate with the operation team before design, so as to know one in advance Lower operational requirements. The so-called reverse capital raising is drawing review. First, a drawing disclosure mechanism shall be established between the design and operation parties. After the drawings of each discipline at each stage are compared according to the design progress, the design institute shall conduct drawing disclosure through a central organization, introduce relevant design contents to the operation team, let the operation review drawing capital raising, and ensure the overall operation demand based on the actual situation and standards of the project site Place it on the diagram. It is particularly emphasized that many projects do not pay attention to let the operation review the drawings, and they will be issued after the design is completed. When problems are found in the operation, they can not be changed sometimes, which will cause the construction with problems.           

In the work, we also find a group of excellent colleagues who collect all kinds of capital raising documents and digest them into their own knowledge system every day. This is learning. It's hard for others to steal things in their own minds and you can't become the executives of the future paradise.

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