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How To Prevent Water Ride Injuries

How To Prevent Water Ride Injuries

The majority of theme park injuries occur at water parks. According to survey from Guangzhou Haisan-the leading water park equipment manufacturer in China,  Water park injuries for children frequently involve spinal or head injuries. Water park injuries for adults typically involve injury to the body's extremities, such as an arm or leg. In all cases, water park injuries place the rider at risk of drowning.

When designing and constructing a new ride, engineers are careful to map-out various twists, turns, and forces endured by the rider. On water rides, it is especially important to calculate the velocity at which the rider will be moving. This means that the engineer must calculate the various directions the rider will be going and the speeds a person should anticipate, at any given point on the water ride.

To prevent water park injuries, a big part of these calculations are focused on the end of the water ride. The speed at which the rider exits the water slide can cause severe damage if the rider happens to hit something. Water park injuries have occurred when the rider hit his or her head on the edge of the slide, the bottom of the pool, or any other hard object located near the end of the water ride.

A problem that leads to the high frequency of water park injuries is that each rider moves in slightly different ways. This is because the weight and proportions of each individual rider varies. An especially heavy rider will reach faster speeds than a lighter rider. Furthermore, if the rider carries most of his or her weight in a specific area of the body, that rider may be thrown in unanticipated directions on a water ride. To prevent water park injuries, an engineer must plan for this wide range of variables when designing the ride.

Guangzhou Haisan Entertainment Tecnology Co.LTD has a professional engineer team to ensure safety of all slides from A to Z.

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