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How big should the water park be?

How big should the water park be?

How big should the water park be? This is also a question worth pondering. What factors determine the size of the water park? Usually the owner will say how big a piece of land we have here, and bring it to the water park. You can help me design it. However, we believe that the size of the water park should be determined by the rigorous survey of the estimated number of visitors, rather than the size and resources of the land, and of course, to ensure adequate expansion of land.
There is no clear definition of the size of the water park in the industry. Here we divide it according to experience. It covers an area of  1-50,000 square meters and is a small water park. It covers an area of  50,000-100,000 square meters and is a medium-sized water park. It covers an area of 100,000-200,000 square meters and is a large-scale water park. It covers an area of  more than 200,000 square meters. paradise.
Here is a table produced by APM, a foreign water park design company. The table indicates that when the water park project is less than 50,000 square meters, the cost is basically doubled. When the water park reaches 50,000 square meters or more. The proportion of cost increase is greatly reduced. From the data in the table, the total cost of 10,000 square meters is 3 million euros, the total cost of 30,000 square meters is 5.4 million euros, and the total cost of 50,000 square meters is The total cost of 0.75 million euros and 100,000 square meters is 9.2 million euros. (Foreign water parks are different from domestic ones, the data is for reference only)
Therefore, from the investment level, the average medium-sized water park is 50,000-100,000 square meters, which is more reasonable and efficient. Of course, one principle that must be adhered to is to take only the necessary land and not blindly expand the scope of land use.

How to combine the equipment of the water park?
Create the right combination of water attractions and create a unique water park experience. The balance between water stimulation and relaxation is achieved by combining the wave pool with the drifting river and the water amusement equipment. Whether creating a new indoor or outdoor water park, we are not creating a water park built by equipment. We hope to create a water park that is based on basic needs, reasonably arranged and equipped. Improve the quality of the water park in an all-round way to achieve the goal of increasing the tourist's revisit rate. The main large-scale attractions in the park need to be arranged separately to spread tourists in the park. Guide tourists through catering and sales to increase the secondary consumption of tourists.
There are many kinds of equipment in the water park. We only discuss the rules of equipment combination and distribution. It does not involve the selection of specific equipment. The choice of the specific equipment and the designer should be considered in combination with the actual situation.

Other considerations
1. From the design of the parking lot to the design of the park's attractions, fully consider the integrity of the visitor experience. The convenience of the parking lot design will give visitors a good mood to enter the park. In addition, the convenience of visitors who enter the park through public transportation is also an important factor in determining the satisfaction of tourists.
2. The design of the water park should be based on the operation as the ultimate goal, and meet the highest operational safety requirements with the least number of operators. This requires the centralized arrangement of supporting facilities at the planning stage, while the supporting facilities such as warehouses and machine rooms are concealed. Consider convenience.
3. The tourist rest area is as important as the attraction, so that visitors are comfortable. The rest area is usually connected to the large waters. In the front of the wave pool, a large number of resting areas and landmarks are designed. For example, there is a large inclined bell tower in front of the typhoon lake wave pool, which can better attract tourists. Let visitors stay more and increase their chances of spending.
4. Shading is also a key factor to consider. It is necessary to consider the scope and proportion of shading in the planning stage and increase the spray or other cooling equipment. (This article is taken from China's play, the content has been deleted!)

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