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Avoid these five mistakes for water park design

Avoid these five mistakes for water park design

As an investment developer of the water park In the fierce competition situation, how to make water park design to break through the market competition and win the market opportunity? Investors are prone to make mistakes in investment and are you fooled?

According to the development trend of the global water park, the water park can be divided into the following four types.

First, the resort supporting type, supporting water park in the tourist resort, such as hot spring water park;

Second, the water amusement area in the large-scale theme park, such as the Maya water park of Happy Valley in Shenzhen, China;

Third, commercial supporting type, small indoor water park in commercial complex;

Fourth, a single independent water park with independent operation.

The following mainly focuses on the analysis of a single independent water park.

Misunderstanding 1:

Due to the lack of necessary market research in the early stage, the investment scale of the park is relatively large, and even part of it forms vicious competition. Some investors hold the mentality of "no biggest, only bigger", and think that as long as the capital is in place, they will get rich returns, while ignoring the relationship between investment and market. The larger the investment scale is, the larger the number of tourists will inevitably maintain the normal operation of the water park. Especially in the third and fourth tier cities, the population and economic capacity are relatively insufficient, and it is impossible to support the large-scale water park. For example, a place in Hunan Province, China is planning to build a new water park, which is positioned as the largest water park in the world. Therefore, the design area of the water park alone is up to one thousand mu, and the area of the wave making pool is up to an amazing 200 mu.

Misunderstanding two:

The design of water park is not reasonable and the flow line of tourists is not smooth. Some developers spend a lot of money budget on the purchase of water amusement equipment, and lack of investment in the design, theme packaging, operation and management of water park. The design of tourist flow line in some parks is not reasonable, the tour is not smooth, and even the whole park is exposed to the sun in summer, which leads to poor experience of tourists and high complaint rate, which lays the foundation for the operation of water park. For example, a water park in a fourth tier city in Zhejiang Province, China, bought a complete set of imported water amusement equipment from Canada. The construction cost of the park reached 400-500 million RMB, which made the investment recovery of the park far away. Another example is a water park in Guizhou Province. When it was built, it did not consider the effect of shade in summer at all. As a result, the problem of shade became the most complained by tourists after one year's operation.

Misunderstanding three:

The ticket price of water park is too high, and the rate of tourists' revisiting is low. Some developers hope to quickly recover the cost through high tickets, but the high ticket price often exceeds the psychological value of tourists, and becomes a gate tiger for tourists to play in the water park.

Misunderstanding four:

In the design of water park, there is a lack of theme packaging, and the overall attraction is limited. On the surface, the construction of water parks in China has been extremely popular in recent years. In 2015 alone, 26 water parks were opened intensively in China. However, most of the developed water parks lack distinct themes and cultural creativity. Most of them are pure equipment Piling. The ideas and methods of real estate development and construction are used to plan, build and operate the water parks. As a result, some of the water parks are seriously homogenized and absorbed as a whole Lack of attraction, limited market attraction.

Misunderstanding five:

The product combination degree of the project is single and the seasonal effect is obvious. One of the biggest characteristics of water park is its strong seasonality and relatively short business hours. Every summer, tourists flock to the park, but it can only be closed in winter and spring. Basically, the operation time of water parks in various places is about 3-6 months. The single product attribute makes the water park clear in summer and winter, with obvious seasonal effect.

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