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Tips to Manage Your Water Park

Tips to Manage Your Water Park

Most children and some adults like to visit a water park to cool down during the hot summer months. The manager is someone who the staff looks to for guidance. It takes a strong manager and people person to manage a water park.

Have a degree in business management, hospitality services or an ample amount of management experience for seasonal attractions. You will need to be able to predict problems and know how to market the park if you want to be a good water park manager.

Hire qualified staff members. Because your staff will always be around water. Making sure that your lifeguards are trained, certified and experienced should be a priority.

Prepare for emergencies. People who are in the sun may suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke. You may have some people who can't swim. It is a good idea to have regular disaster and training drills to make sure that your employees are always ready for emergencies.

Enforce all of the rules. It may be easy to let some infractions go. This is a bad idea. Water parks can prove deadly. Rules are necessary for safety. It is your job as the manager to make sure that employees and customers follow the rules.

Listen to your customers. You should be available to the customers when the park is open. Paper work should be done during slow business periods. It is a good idea to have an open door policy for both customers and employees.

Be prepared for the off season. This is the time of year when the water park equipment and attractions can be deep cleaned and sanitized. You will have to make sure the grounds stay presentable even during the off season. You can use this time to plan for the following open season.

Advertise effectively. You can do this all year long, even if the water park is closed for part of the year. Target local schools and businesses who will need a place to go for field trips or company social events.
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