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Precautions of Tsunami Pools

Precautions of Tsunami Pools

1. A life jacket must be worn.

Whoever that visited the Vast World knows that a life jacket must be worn wherever in the high mountain tsunami pool.
The life jacket is a life preserver for all those who is swimming lover and beginner. The life jacket can not only help us to float, but also make it easy for rescuers to notice us. As a saver, a life jacket must be worn for your own sake.

2. Stay away from the deep-water zone.

Many tourists like to challenge themselves to swim into the deep-water zone of the tsunami pool. Dangerous as it is, everyone in the pool must obey the rule and follow the instruction offered by rescue personnel. Please, stay away from the deep-water zone.

3. Take care of your belongings.

You may lose your belongings in mountains of tourists for the frequent high waves in the pool. So please take care of them. Also, we provide you with lockers on Basement One, of which the key card( as a payment card ) can be get on the First Floor.

4. No slippers into the pool.

In order to keep the tsunami pool clean, please leave your slippers on the shore ( take care of them in case of mistaken) .

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