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Super Bowl Slides

Super Bowl Slides

Awarded by the international travel industry, the Super Bowl slide is a must-have for large-scale water parks. Players sit in a clover-shaped float with each one inside one of its four leaves. Starting from a platform over 20 meters high, players fly into a huge trumpet-like slide as if they were sucked by a tornado. Burning the wind, it is especially fit for players who like to experience novelty.

Rushing into a torrent, players are offered a never-felt excitement of zero gravity. Suddenly being off the land that they depend on, players free themselves by involuntarily roar and scream from the pressure of work.

"Its torrent dashes down three thousand feet from high, I wonder if it's Milky Way that falls from the sky." Just a transient from the dreamed flying to the sober reality is enough to recall the crazy ambitious youth. It is really "the ambition of a teenager, looking at the sky, and flying freely!"!"

So far, the Super Bowl slide is a popular major water amusement park equipment. This kind of wave-making slide is one of the national special equipment strictly tested by State Bureau of Technical Supervision of Special Equipment (municipal level or above).

After a few years, the Super Bowl slide has its more exciting descendants and raise the platform from 15 to 18 meters to boost excitement for players.

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