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Strategies for water park safe operation

Strategies for water park safe operation

Strategies for water park safe operation

The safety of the water park equipment is related to the safety of tourists' lives, so the safety issue is very important. Today's water park equipment manufacturers share with you strategies for safe operations.

First-The problem of blind spots
For areas with water park equipment, especially water areas, no point can be omitted. If a bruise or drowning accident occurs and lifeguards fail to detect it in time, drowning can easily occur. Therefore, when arranging on-duty personnel in the water area, it should be divided according to the first perspective of the water area. If there is cover, manpower must be increased to ensure that there is no dead corner in the monitoring area.

Second-Tourists entering the wave pool should wear buoyancy suits
The wave pool is an area where people flow is relatively concentrated, and drowning accidents are extremely likely. Even if there are lifeguards, it is necessary to take protective measures in the case of tourists gathering. Therefore, tourists must wear buoyancy clothes to enter the water to avoid drowning in the case of physical weakness or cramps. The number of tourists can also be controlled by the buoyancy clothes distributed, which can effectively control the flow of people.

Third-do a good job of anti-slip treatment
Since the visitors of the water park are playing barefoot, the anti-skid requirements on the ground are relatively high, especially in the paddling pool and wave pool. If the ground of Taihua is easy to cause tourists to fall, abrasions may be caused, and fractures may occur in severe cases. Therefore, the anti-skid treatment of the ground cannot be ignored.

Fourth. Quality water is the key
Water park is mainly based on water, so the treatment of water quality is especially important for water parks. In the operation phase, the quality of water is different every day. Factors such as passenger flow, weather, and water hardening should be considered, and different water quality treatments should be performed in different areas to ensure qualified water quality.

Fifth-Maintenance of slide
The slide is the carrier of the equipment. Whether it is a human slide or a raft slide, the smoothness of the slide surface determines the use of the slide. Especially human slides, if there is damage to the human body. After the business is over, protect the surface of the slide and cover it with a protective sleeve to reduce the speed of aging.


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