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How to choose the water park equipment manufacturer?

How to choose the water park equipment manufacturer?

To choose water park equipment manufacturers can start from the following three points:

1. Manufacturer credit qualification inquiry
To understand whether a company is reliable, we must first understand the basic information of an enterprise. Investors can visit the national enterprise credit information publicity system to check whether the water park equipment manufacturer is a formal registered company, the manufacturer registration time and the registered capital. This basic information can be used as a reference to judge whether a company has strength, and whether the manufacturer is a general taxpayer is also important.

2. What is the real strength of the water park equipment manufacturers?
Through the basic information inquiry in the first step, investors have a preliminary understanding of the water park equipment manufacturers, but whether the manufacturers have real and reliable production capacity, can not rely solely on the network to observe and understand.
Some manufacturers will only plagiarize brand manufacturers' creativity, but they do not have core R&D design capabilities. In the absence of core technical support, the quality of the products produced can be imagined. When the investor chooses the water park equipment manufacturer, if there are conditions, you can go to the factory for on-site inspection to confirm whether the strength of the manufacturer is true and reliable.

3. Whether the after-sales service of the company
Investing in a water park, after-sales service is also an important part of ensuring that investors can operate without worry. Imagine if there is a problem with the water park equipments purchased by the investors, the manufacturer is pushing the blame and perfunctory, how can investors manage with peace of mind? Therefore, when inspecting the manufacturer on site, it is also necessary to understand whether the after-sales service of the manufacturer is perfect and how to guarantee it.

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