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Development Strategies for Water Park Project Investment in 2021

Development Strategies for Water Park Project Investment in 2021

Regarding the already built aqua park project, how should we respond to the current situation in the post-epidemic era?

Ⅰ. Through the promotion of the brand of the water park project, the initial connection with tourists is re-established

Affected by this epidemic, the industry's unanimous judgment on market confidence is that rebound and retaliatory recovery coexist. This means that due to the epidemic's impact, everyone's income is affected, and their health is especially cherished, so they will be more cautious in making travel plans. Retaliation is mainly reflected in the release of the psychological needs of long-term residents who need to go out and stroll around. It still takes a certain amount of time for the market to recover, and the spread at this stage is significant.

The spread of the brand at this stage is the process of rebuilding the relationship between the aqua park project and the audience, just like a couple who just broke up wanting to rebuild their relationship.

Ⅱ. Appropriately reduce the business scope of the water park project and increase the number of tourists

The impact of this outbreak is excellent, and everyone will still have a particular psychological shadow for a long time. As a typical crowd-gathering consumer activity, tourism has obvious uncertainties across regions and will affect everyone more or less—the enthusiasm for travelling across areas.

Water park projects of more than 80,000 square meters generally have about 2.5 hours by car market coverage capacity. However, the outbreak of this epidemic may require the market radiation radius to be reduced to about 1.5 hours. The market seeking growth is vital.

Digging deep into the market for increments is mainly considered from two perspectives:

First, are there any people who have not played the children's water park project? This is usually to increase the further sinking of the market, such as rural areas, lower-level counties and cities, etc.;

Second, motivating everyone to play in the park many times within an operating period is a problem of the revisit rate. Only by giving more reasons to play, can the revisit rate increase.

Generally speaking, early bird tickets during the opening period, activities during peak seasons, promotions during the closing period, and annual festival experience are all direct ways to increase revisiting rates.

Ⅲ. The water park project takes multiple measures to extend the stay time of tourists

Extending the stay time of tourists includes two aspects. One is to extend the operation cycle of the water park, and the other is the time spent by tourists in the park.

In addition to the entrance fees, the consumption of tourists in the park is the other primary source of income. To increase this part of the income, we need tourists to stay in the park for a long enough time. The specific manifestations are as follows:

1. Do a good job of management, so that tourists can play at ease.

2. Set up exciting stories during the play to encourage tourists to explore.

3. Do an excellent job in service and improve tourist satisfaction.

4. Increase rest and leisure and entertainment places, so that tourists can stay in the park after getting tired.

5. Regularly hold some activities or performances to attract the attention of tourists.

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