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New journey for tourism products in water park builder

New journey for tourism products in water park builder

With the development of tourism, a variety of novel travel fashion products continue to appear in China, such as cruise tourism, boutique resorts and water parks. In recent years, Guangzhou Chimelong Water Park, Chongqing Caribbean Water World, Happy Water Rubik's Cube chain, Chengdu Guosetian Perfume Park, Suzhou Paradise Water World, Hengdian Dream Valley Water Park, Sanya Dream Water Park, Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park, etc. It has pushed the design of the water park to an unprecedented height.

Compared with the current domestic natural landscape and cultural tourism products, the water park is becoming more and more popular in the market as a participatory, entertaining and themed entertainment project.
A quality water park must first have an entertainment function that creates joy for visitors to the park. The provision of water amusement equipment is the most basic function of the water park. The greatest pleasure for tourists is also from these fun and novel water amusement equipment from water park builder. Therefore, the water park needs to be equipped with a large number of fresh and fashionable water amusement equipment, and also to ensure the annual water amusement equipment. Update and security quality inspection. The standard of domestic water parks is basically a time-consuming project such as artificial waves, water slides, and children's play areas.

In addition to the functions of play and entertainment, the water park also has the functions of recreation and leisure. Water activities can bring a healthy and comfortable experience to visitors, while indirectly being physically and mentally active. Some spa projects will align all parts of the visitor's body from the inside out, giving visitors a healthy body and good health. It can be said that almost all of the current water theme parks are equipped with health and wellness SPA projects. This project is even increasingly becoming an important criterion for measuring the quality of a water park.

In addition, the water park also has commercial functions. The water park is equipped with some high-end business clubs and a large water entertainment stage to provide visitors with good business communication and art appreciation services. For example, the 2,000-person outdoor water show designed in Sanya Hongshuwan Water Theme Park can hold large-scale fashion shows, product launches and professional art dances. Allow visitors to enjoy good business services while relaxing. This new type of business and leisure space provides visitors with a good platform for business communication.

As the tourism industry continues to be hot, the water park is a branch of the theme park, and the market is very good. The water park has become one of the main projects of many tourist attractions.

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