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Prevention techniques of water park design for ​Large Indoor Theme Park - part one

Prevention techniques of water park design for ​Large Indoor Theme Park - part one

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of domestic consumption level, people's pursuit of consumer demand and consumption mode is more diversified and diversified. More and more theme parks, water parks, commercial entertainment complexes, resorts and so on appear around us. In recent 20 years, the scale and investment of domestic recreational products have reached the top level. According to the forecast of the World Tourism Organization, China will become the world's largest tourist destination in 2020.           

So, it has always been a very dense indoor water park design, and its fire protection design must be a particularly important part of the overall design process.            
Large Indoor Theme Land park           

For large-scale indoor theme land park, its size is huge, its function is complex and its staff is large. The vast majority of indoor theme parks cover an area of more than 20,000 square meters, which brings new problems to building fire protection design. Some of their fire protection design can not be carried out in accordance with existing fire protection standards.

Because of the complex function and large volume of the project, fire protection design will generally encounter the following problems:           
(1) The determination of evacuation number is a difficult problem. At present, there are no relevant provisions in the code, and because of its own particularity. The determination of evacuation number needs to conform to the actual situation and ensure the safety of evacuation.           

(2) The large volume and high space of the building make it difficult to implement the fire prevention separation measures, and the area of the fire prevention zones can not be controlled according to the current norms.           

(3) Because of the deep depth of the building, the evacuation distance can not be controlled according to the current norms.           

(4) Because of the large building space, fire smoke control and smoke exhaust design exceed the existing norms, it is necessary to design a reasonable smoke control and exhaust system.           

1. General Flat Fire Protection           

In general plane fire protection design, first of all, the circular fire lane is set up according to the existing specifications; at the same time, because of the large volume of the project, it is difficult to extinguish after fire, fire rescue sites should be set up around the building to enhance the ability to extinguish the building in case of fire, and corresponding fire rescue should be set up on the exterior facade of the rescue site. Window, so that fire can enter the sandwich for fire rescue.    
2. Flammability control           

The fire protection design objective of the project is to control the fire development. Provide relatively safe evacuation environment for personnel. In order to reduce the probability of fire occurrence and control the scale of fire, the first step is to control the fire occurrence from the source by controlling the combustible materials.           

(1) Amusement equipment and rockery are made of non-flammable or non-flammable materials. Landscape plants should choose non-volatile oils, water-rich and non-flammable real plants. Sculptures and other landscape ornaments should also be made of non-flammable materials.

(2) Decoration and decoration materials should be made of non-combustible or non-combustible materials as far as possible, and the burning performance grade should be designed.

(3) Low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant cables are used in the cables and cables of the indoor theme Letong. Electrical fire monitoring system is set up.           

It is suggested to refer to GB 50222-2017 Code for Fire Protection of Interior Decoration Design of Buildings.           

3. Fire Separation Measures           

In addition to controlling combustibles, it can reduce the impact of fire. An effective way to prevent the expansion of fire is to separate fire. Because of the large space of this project, it is impossible to carry out conventional fire prevention partition, so the area of fire prevention partition is enlarged. In order to prevent the fire from expanding, the following fire prevention measures are adopted in the design.           

(1) Fire-proof zones of no more than 5,000_are divided by the "room in the room" set up by the external wall according to the requirements of the code. Safe exits through the outdoor are set up, and firewalls and Class A fire doors are used to separate the large space part of the indoor theme park.           

(2) The design of "room in room" in large space is a fire-fighting unit with an area of no more than 300_. The whole area is controlled at 2,000_in group arrangement, and firewalls are used to separate the groups. Fire-fighting units are divided by walls with a fire-resistant limit of no less than 2 hours, floors with a floor of 1.5 hours, and fire doors of Class A and other parts. Set up automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing system.           

(3) In large space, fire control zones with an area not exceeding 5,000_are set up according to the layout of recreation. Fire trucks need to enter large indoor space areas when necessary. Fire isolation zones with a width of not less than 6 m should be set between the zones, and obvious markings should be demarcated on both sides of the fire isolation zones. It is strictly forbidden to install any commercial facilities such as stalls, kiosks and exhibition stands in the fire protection isolation zone. It is forbidden to install any combustible materials; the decoration materials of ground, wall and other parts must adopt non-combustible materials; it is forbidden to hang propaganda banners and other combustible materials; the landscape ornaments should be made of non-combustible materials; the wires and cables should adopt non-combustible flexible mineral insulated fire-proof cables; the fire extinguishing system should cover the entire isolation zone area.           

Kitchen has always been the most important fire prevention, in order to effectively prevent the spread of kitchen fire, all kitchens should be set as "fire prevention unit". Fire protection unit refers to the separate area or independent space which can effectively prevent fire spreading in some parts of buildings with high fire risk. In order to improve the safety of kitchen area in aquatic park, all kitchens should adopt Class B fire protection doors and windows, floor slabs with fire resistance limit not less than 1.5h and partitions with 2.0h and other parts. Separate and set up independent mechanical smoke exhaust system and ventilation and ventilation system.

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