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Research on the development of small and medium-sized indoor water parks in China

Research on the development of small and medium-sized indoor water parks in China

Parent-child travel refers to the travel of parents or relatives and children. With a family combination of “2 big 1 small”, “2 big 2 small” and “4 big 1 small”, we build a good parent-child interaction relationship and education plan from water park equipment. Implement the "Traveling Baby" campaign. Since the rise of study tour in 1998, and the hot-selling of the parent-child variety "Daddy Goes" in 2013, the market has been paying more and more attention to parent-child travel. Tourist companies have entered the parent-child travel market, and high-quality parent-child travel destinations and products have begun. Was introduced. “Bringing children” has become a new trend for young parents to travel and play, and the domestic parent-child market has begun to rise.

Parent-child travel market continues to rise

According to China's population-related data released by the State Council Information Office, the total population of mainland China at the end of 2018 was 1,139.38 million, an increase of 5.3 million from the end of the previous year. The annual birth population was 15.23 million, and the birth rate was 10.94‰. According to the national census, the population of China's “post-90s” is currently 175 million. The current age range is between 18 and 27 years old, and it has entered the age of marriage. "80s" and "90s" will become the main consumer of the "parent + travel" scene.

In the survey report of China Children's Industry Research Center, 80% of the households surveyed accounted for 30% to 50% of household expenditures, and the changes in parent-child travel to promote “clothing, food, housing and shopping” have immeasurable radiation. The "post-80s" and "post-90s" consumption concepts are more casual than the previous generation. The concept of parenting is also more refined. The quality of tourism products and services is higher, and the willingness to consume is stronger. They are good at sharing through word of mouth. To influence the people around you. According to the survey conducted by iResearch, from July 2017 to September 2018, the Baidu Index of the “Family-Friends Tour” topic increased every month. Parent-child travel to the wrong peak will become the norm, travel time will be more dispersed, and the future will show a mature and steady growth trend. The “post-80s” and “post-90s” consumers’ demand for hotels has initially met the basic physiological needs and has been upgraded to hope that the hotel can provide some additional services, such as IP-implanted parent-child rooms, parent-child theme activities, and indoor parents in the hotel. Water parks, etc.

Parental decision-making, child-centered

Children are at different ages, parents have different needs for travel routes, and tourism consumption decisions are based on the characteristics and needs of children. Children's age, gender, preferences, physical condition, personality characteristics, etc. are all consumed by parents. Key factors to consider before making a decision. As the child grows older, the child will actively participate in the decision-making process. Parents of infants and young children aged 0-3 pay attention to enjoyment of "leisure". After the child is 4 years old, parents pay more attention to the combination of "play" and "learning", and tend to choose a teaching line that is fun and educational. From the perspective of educational demand, research travel has been officially incorporated into the education system. With the rise of STEM education, comprehensive education projects with tourism as a carrier are increasingly popular in the market. The “post-80s” and “post-90s” interviewed said that travel can construct a good parent-child interaction relationship, which is a better school for children, and child-centered parent-child travel can broaden their horizons and enhance the family’s feelings. . The content of parent-child products should at least include education, play, interaction and certain sociality.

Among the institutions involved in the “family-child tour” are online travel platforms, offline travel agencies, professional parent-child travel agencies, and early education training institutions. Businesses are increasingly focusing on the infinite segmentation of the parent-child market, by age, motivation, family structure, and destination type. According to age, it is specifically for preschool children, providing a safer way to play, but also more concerned about primary and secondary school students, may emphasize the addition of knowledge. More and more three-generation combination travel is accompanied by parents to take the children to go out to travel. First- and second-tier cities, parents, holidays and weekends, short-term parent-child trips for weekend trips, surrounding tours, time 1-2 days, specific scenes for indoor theme parks, theme parks, zoos, botanical gardens, museums, etc.; medium and long-term domestic parent-child tour 3 It is mainly on the 6th, and the location is generally the surrounding farmhouses, special scenic spots, seashores, etc.; the travel time of foreign parent-child travels varies from one week to three weeks, mostly in Australia, Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Parent-child travel time is limited by holidays

Parents' parent-child companion time is usually concentrated between 18-22 points, that is, after workdays on weekdays; during weekends or holidays, parent-child companionship is more average. In parent-child companionship, mother will spend more time with the child, as the main force to accompany the child and purchase decision-makers. From the perspective of parent-child companion time, more than half of the parents said that their long working hours and children's schooling are the main reasons for restricting parent-child travel time. Children who are eager to develop friendship with their peers, their relationship with their peers is more based on the needs of companionship, games and fun. Due to the relatively heavy academic burden, the travel time is relatively concentrated, winter vacation, summer vacation, legal holidays and weekend time.

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