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Some design point should be realized in water park equipment

Some design point should be realized in water park equipment

1. The design of underground pipeline network should fully consider the later maintenance relationship, especially the drainage and sewage pipelines. In the laying of strong and weak electric pipelines, trenches, brackets and concrete members should be designed to support them. Otherwise, once the factors such as subsidence, pipe breakage and tube burst occur, the maintenance workload, time consumption and cost loss will be very passive.           

2. All kinds of energy consumption (water, electricity) should be designed with metering tables, at least regionally, preferably independently, so as to facilitate the later operation and management. For example, some commercial rooms outsourced can be independently measured, and at the same time, it is also convenient for the rational management and control of energy consumption during the operation period.           

3. From the safety point of view, power planning, conditional double circuit must be included in the design planning; due to the characteristics and needs of water park, night lighting must be fully planned, from elevated lights to environmental lights, equipment lights, etc., to be considerate. In addition, the night lighting project is a scenic attraction of water park equipment, which should be carefully considered from the previous planning.           

4. Logistics support must be considered in the early stage of planning and design, such as dormitory, canteen, catering center, maintenance workshop, first-class warehouse and second-class warehouse. Other rigid supporting facilities, such as medical room, monitoring room, consulting center, ticketing center, reception center, toilet, locker, bathroom, staff lounge, meeting room, office, security duty room, staff Park Dining room, intelligent machine room, opening and closing room, distribution room, foot bath, etc., are designed according to the standard and reception capacity.

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