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Key Problems in Water Park Design and Construction - part two

Key Problems in Water Park Design and Construction - part two

Design of Green Landscape           

Greening landscape design itself is very clear, but the water park design greening landscape has several special things to pay attention to.           

The first one can't plant thorny plants. The second is to use evergreen plants as much as possible. Third, insect-prone flowers and plants should not be planted, and stings are one of the important factors causing accidental injuries to tourists in water parks.

Design and construction of anti-scratch wound           

Accidental injuries are the most harmful to tourists' experience. What is the most injured accident? Mainly bruises and scratches, the two main occurrence sites are wave ponds, drifting rivers and roads, the causes of which are related to construction, and the construction face has not done a good job of relevant treatment.                             

For example, the stone walls of wave-making pools and drifting rivers need to be polished and anti-collision treated. Where there are elevations and differences, step treatment should be used as far as possible instead of amplitude treatment. As long as there is slope, it is particularly easy to fall, so this is very critical. If these details are handled properly, it will bring great benefits to tourists' experience. It is possible that 10,000 cases of bruises and scratches occur in a park with a visitor volume of about 500,000 a year. 1/50 What concept, 1/50 people have been injured after entering, you can imagine how much influence it has on brand and market. Therefore, these problems should be paid attention to from the source, from the planning and design stage and the construction stage.           

Lighting Design           

What is the importance of lighting design? One is from the perspective of security and the other is from the perspective of experience.           

From the safety point of view, the lighting design cannot affect the safety management personnel's vision. For example, the staff needs to look at each other between the launching platform and the bottom terminal pool. If the night lighting affects the vision of the staff of the launching platform, or the lighting design of the staff of the launching platform affects the lighting design of the terminal pool and cannot see each other, it will bring security risks. Especially the light of wave-making pool, because the place is bigger and there are more lights. If the safety administrator is affected by the light, he cannot see the bottom of the water, which will also cause safety problems. So this is the first one to consider this issue from a security perspective.           

The second is from the perspective of experience, for example, you know that the water park now has a large number of visitors at night. Night experience is associated with lighting. In addition to lighting, there are also some art lighting, and experience-related art lighting design should also be grasped.           

Design of Anti-skid Ventilation           

Where is the worst place for water park? Even toilets and storage rooms have shower pools. If the ventilation and anti-skid are not well done in these places, the air will be particularly poor. So far, there is not much that can be done well. For example, Chimelong and Volcanic Bay in the United States are all handled in a semi-outdoor way, so that the ventilation can be done well. If it is in two-thirds of the room or the whole room, it is usually not handled very well, or it is to increase the exhaust fan, noise to deal with this way, if not handled properly, it will really bring great harm to the experience of tourists.           

Construction safety           

Water Park project construction site is generally very small, coupled with the short construction cycle, we all hope to start soon. Therefore, safety construction is very critical, multi-tower operation, high-altitude falling, finished product protection, electricity security, construction vehicle management are the most vulnerable places to safety problems. Therefore, every key safety item of safety construction should be managed by special system and method.

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