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A Brief Introduction to the Interactive Water House

A Brief Introduction to the Interactive Water House

Embodied valuable happiness and attractive carefreeness, the Interactive Water House breaks all routine molds and establishes itself as a platform of novelty joy! It has a variety of themes: the pirate, the Mayan, the Chinese folk, the ocean, the European fishing village, the industry, the anime, .... Whatever the investor needs, it successfully fits. Advantaged with a large capacity accommodating up to 2000 people at the same time, the Interactive Water House are equipped the user-oriented theme design with plenty of non-repetitive interactive products.

The Interactive Water House wins its popularity by diversified themes, such as the Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, the One Thousand and One Nights, the marine animal and so on. It combines water slide, various sprays and interactive sports with featured sculptures in the overall construction. Visitors can indulge themselves in water-skiing, flushing, climbing and other sports. Your Interactive Water House can be tailor-made by us according to its site.

The children's Interactive Water House( is a kind of comprehensive entertainment integrating dabbling toys, dabbling flippers, water slide, and theme landscapes. According to visitors’ age groups, it can be divided into the children's Water House, the adult Water House and the family Water House. While by its functions, it can be divided into large, medium and small Water Houses. It is a cool water world where visitors enjoy themselves together to their's  heart content, preferable by groups of couples, families, enterprises.

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