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Water park management data analysis is the top priority

Water park management data analysis is the top priority

Water park management data analysis is the top priority

1. Analyze event planning and operation data.

As a commonly used event planning method in the operation of water parks, in order to avoid problems such as "I don't know how to predict the effect of the event", it is usually necessary to determine a core data before the event starts. The core data includes new member registration, member activity, and member payment. Conversion, project consumption, park visibility, etc.

In addition, the activities usually planned by operations can be divided into two categories: one is interactive activities with non-commodity transactions as the main object, mainly focusing on the amount of user interaction generated by the activities and the improvement effect of product core data; the other It is to dig in-depth, that is, analyze the interaction ratio between old and new users, so that further analysis can help operations understand the different effects of different types of interactive activities (interaction form + reward) on new and old users. The second is the promotion of commodity transactions, which are mainly concentrated on the key nodes of the promotion and whether the conversion rate of various commodities and projects is much higher than that in the daily inactive state. Of course, it also includes the total transactions brought by the activity to the platform. amount.

2. Analyze content operation data.

Targeted content operation to increase the frequency of games in certain water park equipment requires more attention to the role of content in promoting this indicator. For example, by retrieving users through content push, you need to pay attention to the amount of content delivered and the proportion of silent users browsing the water park equipment. Nowadays, content sales are in full swing, and the public account of the water park can also try to use content as a sales guide.

3. Analyze project operation data.

For the operation of the water park project, if the follow-up analysis of data is required from the beginning of the project, the following data-related matters should be considered.

1. Establish data items and buried points

The operation requires as many data items as possible to be listed based on the knowledge of the business process. This kind of work can establish a data funnel model according to the user's behavior path. The finer the path segmentation, the more effective this model is.

2. Data cycle analysis.

As the name implies, the data analysis cycle refers to how long the business interval is, and data is extracted from the data report for further analysis. If mature, the analysis cycle in the early stage of the project can be one day, once every seven days or even longer. In addition to the data analysis of the conversion rate of each key link, the operation staff can also draw the basic data into an Excel table according to the time axis, make a polyline to view the data trend of each path, and make a bar graph to view each The data trend of the route.

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