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The Development Prospect Of Water Park Equipment

The Development Prospect Of Water Park Equipment

First, polarization

Polarization means that the orientation of water park will develop between maximization and minimization. Part of the water park will be developed into a resort with water park and land park. The advantage of maximization lies in the mature industrial chain supporting of hotels, catering, entertainment and retail. Tourists usually take more than 2 days of vacation. The other part of the water park focuses on the surrounding market of about one hour's drive, with more accurate positioning, more distinctive features and in-depth exploration of tourism culture, which can more specifically meet the fragmented entertainment needs of surrounding residents.

Second, intelligence

Intelligence is to pay attention to the seamless connection between online and offline. On the one hand, we should pay attention to building more efficient and convenient booking channels; on the other hand, we should pay more attention to the interaction between online and offline. The real-time sharing of the park, the online visual simulation tour in the park, and the online display of the park's commodities can provide reference for the choice of tourists. In addition, the development of intelligent terminals, such as smart wristbands, free of charge for tourists to wear, so that all the needs of tourists can be operated on it, such as stored value, food and beverage reservation, reservation, park guide, play project queue status query, etc. Finally, it will be more intelligent in terms of payment, cash, credit card, Alipay, fortune pay, and future scrolls, brushes, scans, iris and other sci-fi movies will become a reality. In the future, the water park will take the satisfaction of tourists as the highest evaluation standard.

Third, data

Dataization is to prove with data. The most direct way is to obtain a large number of data through various channels, which is to analyze customer needs in depth so as to specify more targeted marketing strategies that meet the needs. Enterprises should forecast the sales volume of catering in the park and reasonably allocate the staff according to the weather conditions and appointment conditions through long-term data accumulation. Then according to the big data analysis of the whole industry, as well as the big data analysis at the national level, we can judge the changes of the consumer groups, understand the ideas in the minds of the new people born after 2000, and meet the new challenges brought by the single, young and middle-aged consumer groups.

Fourth, customization

Customization is the change of business model. Transforming the Internet seems simple, but it's hard to do. One of the most important things is to change the concept, have user thinking, not customer thinking. Users generally have four characteristics: first, and they don't necessarily consume in you; second, they often use your services or products; third, they directly establish connections with you; fourth, they communicate with you regularly, turn customers into users, drive other industries with water park, and explore potential business value.

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