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On the design and capital raising of theme park from the perspective of operation-2

On the design and capital raising of theme park from the perspective of operation-2

On the design and capital raising of theme park from the perspective of operation-2

Viewpoint 1        

When first dabbling in the theme park industry, does the owner think that it's better to build a theme park, find a planning and design unit to carry out professional design at all stages, build a construction unit, and let the operation team carry out pre opening, marketing and post opening operations before opening?           

In the past few years, there were not a few owners who first dabbled in the theme park industry. I propose to abandon this view 100% later. The consequence of this view is to give your money to others and spend it casually.           

First, building a theme park is not building a house.           

At present, most theme park projects in China are cultural tourism real estate, with real estate first and tourism projects supporting. Disneyland, Universal Studios and so on, which are really theme parks, are reserved for expansion. In addition to hotel facilities, even if there is real estate around, they are not the parks. They can only be said to occupy the light of the parks and sell at a high price. Looking at many projects in China, the idea of building a house is used to build a paradise. Building a paradise is not building a house. As long as there is land to build a house, all suppliers can outsource it, so that the partners can build the house first, deliver it in a short time, and make a lot of money after selling and paying part of the project money. The per capita output is in the billions. It takes time to build a theme park. It's about people to have a baby in October. A good theme park hasn't been studied well in October. A fast-growing theme park must not be a playground. It's just that different equipment, different investment and different building packaging styles make the life of the park lasting. I believe that we have passed many cases in the past few years The results are known. Therefore, the owner can't rely on the third party Market Research Report completely, and can't just give the investment budget and project direction to the design unit for planning and conceptual design. Instead, the owner should set up a project team to spend time fully investigating and investigating the first planning, intervene in the same period of operation to clarify the general direction of the project content, and then find a professional design unit, which is a more reliable way.           

Second, how can the owner find a designer with a high degree of cooperation.           

As mentioned above, the owner has his own project planning and clear direction of the project. In the next step, he needs to find a design unit to further help him improve his creative planning, carry out conceptual design, scheme deepening and produce construction drawings in combination with their professional ability. So how to find a high degree of cooperation and professional design unit is very important.           

In addition to the real estate income, I personally think that the theme park itself is a project that is easy to spend and hard to earn money. If you invest tens of millions, hundreds of millions, billions or even tens of billions, the design and construction will be completed in a few years at most. It is not easy to earn back the investment and operation costs. A theme park project has feelings, soul, story and content. When you spend your own money, you must know what you want to do. So looking at the development of 2010-2019, I personally believe that there are two kinds of parks invested by investors that are sustainable. The first one is less investment, stable type, from small to large, constantly accumulating, studying, and growing stronger. The second one is more investment, chain type, where there is failure after construction, where there is falling and where to get up, summing up experience and constantly establishing and improving standards before doing, the better. However, in recent years, there are not a few projects that have invested billions of yuan in a single project. As a result, there are many problems.            Maybe the investor who didn't get the ideal result said that the design unit we were looking for had done a lot of big projects, and they also designed a lot of well-known projects, which should be professional. Why do we have problems here. There are many reasons, which can't be completely attributed to the design unit, but it can't be said that the design unit has no responsibility at all. One of the reasons I want to mention most is that the design unit found in different stages of project design and related professional design may not be on the right path, and the whole project process design is too dependent on the design unit. Let me talk about some suggestions on the selection of design units - the most important is to fully consider the three cores.           

The first core: whether the owner chooses the right design partner for the design of each discipline in each stage of the project;           

The second core: whether the team of the design unit you choose has 80% energy to do your project well;           

The third core: whether the people you choose to do the "good" project are still there, and whether the good team is assigned to your project.           

Believe to see the above three cores, the owners who have suffered losses will sigh!!! It is true that they have suffered losses not only because they have spent design fees in vain, but also because they have affected the progress of the construction period. Especially the initial design is crucial, because it determines the appearance of your project. In recent years, there have been many projects, large demand for design, few professional design units and professional design talents in various stages, and investors have been looking for and inspecting design units everywhere, but have you inspected them in place? First of all, I'll give you some suggestions for the designer.           

If you only listen to the wonderful company and business case introduction when investigating the design unit, you will have a general idea about your understanding of the design unit - (what kind of thinking) that they have done so many well-known projects before cooperation, there must be no problem, and they will be included in the supplier's qualification database. I'd like to remind you that design is all about design, but the art industry specializes in it. I don't know that the design of a theme park ranges from market research to project creative planning, conceptual design and design:

1. For example, after the project is accepted by a well-known company, the affiliated person will hire a group of people to do it by himself; if the affiliated person's specialty is good, he is not professional, and the team he brought is not professional, the project will definitely be destroyed.            2. For example, when "the professional structure and experience level of design team members are insufficient", cross-phase and cross professional connection projects will be carried out (for example, the creative planning in the early stage of the project concept pays attention to the ability level most. If a unit has only done the construction drawing of a famous park, under the condition that the professional structure of its designers is not perfect or in place, or the number of people is enough, but most of them are interns or one or two years of business ability At the same time, it's right to expand the business. However, in the attitude of being responsible for customers, we still need to fight a prepared battle to equip professional teams for business development in advance, and don't go too far first.           

2. For example, applying cases or patchwork: applying refers to upgrading previous or other cases. Patchwork refers to that the design team does not conduct market research on the project site when designing, and directly finds suitable projects, equipment and facilities from the unit's resource pool.           

3. For example, if a design team does multiple projects, some designs are subcontracted or outsourced. People's energy is limited, less people and more projects, and the overtime work of any professional company will also affect the design quality.           

4. Even the chaos of cross industry connection design is not the main business of design itself. For its own business, there are also a small number of designers. When propagandizing, they show some design drawings to customers, which is also called their own company can design.            If you work with a design company that lacks these capabilities and constantly straddles, you can only teach tuition fees. Therefore, it is found that many projects are not that the owner does not want to do well, but that the owner, without full understanding, has found a cooperative unit that can not do well in the design of this stage at the corresponding stage, making the owner dumb and suffering from Coptis. So I repeatedly remind those who haven't done the theme park project to build the park with the thinking model of building a house. They can only sell the house as soon as possible if they want to build a target project quickly. It's not clear how many holes and thunder are waiting for them to step on. The contract is signed quickly and the questions are asked later. I don't know how long it will be delayed.       


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