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Four Points to Know when Operating Water Park Facilities

Four Points to Know when Operating Water Park Facilities

In recent years, the water park project has grown strongly and developed rapidly, becoming a bright spot. With the gradual transformation and upgrading of the water park, its business management model is increasingly playing a unique and significant role. Different resources and geographical source markets have different operation and management models. Whether the model is scientific and reasonable directly affects the sustainable development of the water park. The following four strategies play a vital role in the operation of the water park.

1. Advertising plan for water park project

Advertising is a part of marketing and promotion. Almost all children's amusement parks will make an overall publicity plan every year, and have a corresponding advertising investment budget. Advertising promotion, including the shooting of theme commercials, TV advertisements, newspaper advertisements, radio advertisements, magazine advertisements, TV subtitle advertisements, electronic flap advertisements, bus advertisements and online advertisements.

In the annual advertising plan, it is necessary to make an effective combination and use of various advertising forms, and evaluate and analyze the benefits of advertising as a basis for adjusting the next (season) annual advertising plan.

2. Festival promotion activities for water park projects

Festival promotions are common in department stores, shopping malls or shopping malls. Children's water park projects can also be cited in marketing, because festivals are a good time for family outings.

When planning festival promotional activities, we need to plan unique festival garden activities based on different festivals. It is worth mentioning that various Western festivals such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Halloween are more and more used in the event planning of theme parks, and bring more crowds to this commercial atmosphere, which should be taken seriously.

3. Promotion of travel cards and membership cards for water park projects

At present, the trend of leisure and vacation tourism is booming day by day. Relevant enterprises and travel companies have begun to issue travel discount cards. Even some children's water park projects or leisure industries issue their own membership cards.

These discount cards or membership cards are not only an intangible currency circulating in the market, but also a promotional medium for marketing and promoting the company's products. The issuance of discount cards or membership cards must give cardholders or consumers a sense of value for money. Otherwise, it will backfire.

4. Off-season discount promotion for water park projects

Off-season ticket discount promotion strategy can effectively alleviate the situation of turnover reduction in off-season. The leisure industry, especially the amusement park-type industry, is affected by the weather and seasonal climate, and there are obvious differences between low and peak seasons.

When the children's water park project has a small passenger flow and a low utilization rate of the facilities, a strategy of discounting tickets can be implemented to attract tourists. Tourists are attracted to theme parks because of ticket discounts, but their consumption on catering, entertainment or shopping for tourist products will not decrease. This is another marketing strategy to stimulate tourists' consumption desire.

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