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How to Accurately Locate and Reasonably Layout the Aqua Park Project?

How to Accurately Locate and Reasonably Layout the Aqua Park Project?

1. The target market of the aqua park project

The population base represents the target market and is also an important reference data for the project’s future income estimation. Generally speaking, the target population of the park should be a population covered by a 1.5-hour drive radius.

2. Site selection of the aqua park project

The location of the aqua park project is closely related to traffic and meteorological conditions. The accessibility of tourists to the water park-including self-driving routes, urban public transportation (bus, subway, etc.), intercity traffic will affect the number of people in the water park.

Meteorological conditions determine the operating time of the water park and whether it has the conditions for opening the night scene. Outdoor and indoor water parks or parks that take into account both should be built.

3. Consumer orientation of the aqua park project

With the booming of the parent-child amusement market, parks with family tourists as the main market have achieved good revenue in recent years. We should conduct the right water park design guidelines for customers, which is to avoid building too much thrilling equipment and adopt more lively and lovely styles in the theme style. Create a water park with strong affinity and warm feelings for tourists.

4. The theme positioning of the water park design

The elements that designers need to consider include theme positioning, theme zoning (story lines), theme environment creation (architectural style, theme colors, theme elements), themeization of amusement projects, etc.

Regardless of story line or theme design, the park needs to have precise positioning and reasonable layout at the beginning of planning and design. Due to the unique amusement characteristics of the water park, in the water park layout design, we have to consider factors not only the route of visitors, equipment combinations and other basic planning, but also from the daily operation of the water park needs. The characteristics of the water park, dining habits, rental requirements, special performances, and visitor safety are incorporated into the entire water park design.

At the planning and design stage, we must pay attention to factors such as safety and area and accurately locate them.

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