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Should consider the type of water park equipment

Should consider the type of water park equipment

When investors plan to build a water park, they may ask what type of water park equipment should be built? How large-scale water park is built? And what type of water park will be attractive, etc.            

Classification of Water Parks:            

1. Classification by form:            

(1) Outdoor Water Paradise            

Most of the domestic water parks are outdoor water parks. The general operation period is June-August in summer. Some areas in the South can operate for six months (from the end of April to October).            

(2) Indoor Water Paradise            

Indoor water parks are generally operated in commercial complexes all year round, but the high operating cost in winter and the small market demand lead to many indoor water parks closed or changed into parent-child parks in winter.            

(3) Comprehensive Water Paradise: Outdoor + Indoor, Land + Water           

Comprehensive water park refers to both outdoor and indoor parts, some are land parks plus water parks, including Fante, Happy Valley series of water parks have both land and water comprehensive water parks.            

(4) Hot Spring Water Paradise-Water Paradise Combined with Hot Spring            

Hot spring water park is a cross-border water park which combines water park and hot spring in recent years. By utilizing the characteristics of hot spring and water park, combining these two kinds of water park forms with different seasons and popularity, it can not only solve the problem of idle outdoor water park in winter, but also solve the problem of no business in hot spring in summer. This new attempt remains to be marketed. Field test.            

2. Classification by consumption pattern            

(1) Urban Leisure and Entertainment            

Urban recreational water park generally refers to the city located in the city, the main consumer is the local residents, belongs to the city supporting leisure and entertainment services for local residents.            

(2) Tourist vacation type            

Tourism resort-type water park is generally a certain distance from major cities, most consumers have the need for accommodation. According to the characteristics of the project, it can be divided into hot spring vacation type, coastal vacation type and tourism destination type.

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