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A mystery about 95% of the visitor experience from HAISAN water park design - part two

A mystery about 95% of the visitor experience from HAISAN water park design - part two

Landscape planning           

Water park, or theme park itself, is a hard place: miles of steel structure, FRP recreation facilities and concrete buildings are basic components. Even in water parks from HAISAN water park design company, tourists often need to walk barefoot on hard roads or climb high iron ladders. Bright, colorful and interesting designs do not completely cover up the cold nature of industrial materials. Landscape planning and design has the ability to soften this hard feeling. Thematic landscape design can make tourists feel like they are in another world. Without the shade and neutralization of the theme landscape, the park would be just a big factory. Tourists are like a piece of metal raw material on the assembly line, which is transported to the top of the conveyor belt in a long line in the hot sun. When it's your turn, you can slip off the slide, flush in the bottom pool, be exposed to the sun in batches and oxidized in the wave-making pool, and stamp at the exit, then you can get out of the mechanized production line.

Some operators believe that landscape planning and design is an expenditure that can be saved at will, while many of the most successful paradises realize that it is a necessary element of their own brand and are willing to invest a larger proportion of their money. Naturally, the latter also gives visitors a better experience. In addition to the psychological comfort and aesthetic feeling that the natural elements contained in landscape greening can bring to tourists, it can also provide a short rest for tourists. In a paradise where 5,000 to 10,000 people can be seen every day, the small space created by landscape greening can give tourists a chance to stay away from the noisy crowd and relax. If they want to return to the crowd and enjoy a warm atmosphere, the beach near the wave-making pool and the green tree barrier covering the surrounding high-rise buildings can also help realize people's desire to forget the high-pressure city life for a short time.           

A good paradise is not necessarily "thematic", but it should establish its own brand. And one of the goals of the brand should be the perfect tourist experience. Landscape greening is a necessary part of it. If you want visitors to experience mysterious jungle cities, dense forests, exotic flowers, climbing vines and low shrubs are essential. If your attraction is located on a calm tropical Caribbean beach, be careful to pick tall, slender coconut trees instead of sturdy palms. Keep in mind that whether your attraction is a lively family or a relaxed and quiet high-end luxury resort, these plants swaying in the wind have set the tone for the experience you want to provide.

Revenue-generating design - Catering and retailing           

Restaurants and retail sales are an important part of all paradises: they allow visitors to enjoy food and comfortable environment, and they can buy much-needed sunscreen and sunshade caps at any time. But it is often not thought that these income-generating elements can also be part of the thematic experience. This is precisely the details that the first-class scenic spot design will not ignore. For example, turn souvenir shops into extended experience areas of scenic spots, or set up restaurants in the most popular scenic spots, so that visitors can eat and have the best view angle. These practices can not only substantially improve the satisfaction of tourists, but also stimulate the willingness of tourists to spend more. That's why some successful paradises sell hot dogs for more than a dozen dollars: not because they are so delicious that they are worth several times more than regular hot dogs, but because they are sold in a well-designed theme restaurant or shopping cart. This marketing environment strengthens the brand of Paradise and becomes part of the tourist experience in a simple way like buying hot dogs. Similarly, this is why tourists are rushing to pay $50 for a resin wand at Universal Studios, which is not only a wand in the Harry Potter story, but also because Olivand Wand in Diagonal Alley is an almost perfect place for entertainment. A well-designed in-store interactive show convinces visitors that the magic wand bought here matches their magic potential best. In a word, hot dogs and magic wands are not "value for money" in the traditional sense, but their sales methods and environment become the experience of tourists, bringing additional emotional value to products. Like the Diagonal Alley of Universal Studios, every park should strive to create a consumer experience as powerful as its attractions, rather than simply using it as a supplementary function beyond entertainment. Only when shopping environment and experience can provide added value, tourists will be willing to pay more money for it.       

Discovery Cove Water Resort in Orlando, USA

Visitors spent $260 to become one of the 1,300 daily visitors to the Discovery Bay Water Resort in Orlando, mainly because they wanted to swim with dolphins. However, in this luxury aquatic park, which focuses on the overall experience of tourists, this project accounts for a small proportion of the total activity time of the day. Trip Advisor, the largest travel commentary website in the United States for more than a decade, ranks first in the list of "World's Best Water Park". This Park is probably the best design example to enhance visitors' experience with the above three elements.           

When you think of beaches or water parks, you may think of a large group of energetic people running around, laughing and shouting at each other. The purpose of exploring the Bay Water Resort is to bring visitors to another colorful and quiet original beach. People can put down their mobile phones here and let their busy brains stop thinking and stay away from the noise of the world. Here, the large and lush landscape surrounds tourists, making people feel as if they are in a remote tropical area. Visitors standing in the park, must carefully look for the gap in the green leaves to see the two buildings outside the park. This gives visitors incredible experiences in different worlds. In some places, the leaves are so dense that some tourists joke that they should come with machetes. Such an environment makes tourists unconsciously willing to believe that this is a real tropical resort, which can help them escape from the daily life of the city and completely relax.

The entrance to the park is long and winding, stretching into the dense leaves. Tourists can only occasionally see the corner of the park they are about to explore. After a short walk along this path, the tourists finally walked out of the dark green forest and into a beach paradise. The design of this trail is very artistic. It is an extension of the beach. Sandy sidewalks can guide tourists from the "seaside" to other areas. Tourists can enjoy a whole day of delicious food, swimming, shopping, playing with dolphins or other animals, all around the beach. Retail and catering are the extension of the theme, allowing visitors to have a more pleasant and relaxed experience. This design surpasses the expectations of tourists, and many people think it is a worthwhile trip.                       

Aquatica Water Park, Orlando, USA

Drawing on the experience of exploring the Bay Water Resort, Ocean World Entertainment Group has built new Aquatica Water Resort in three cities, Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio. Water Element Paradise is a very unique water park. It started with the important brand of animal education in the marine world, and then combined it with the most successful elements of exploring the Bay Water Resort: leisure and relaxation, providing ample activity types and space on the beach, and providing higher level services. The design focuses on providing all-weather comfort for tourists, far beyond the attractions themselves. Compared with the traditional water park, the synergy of these elements makes tourists stay longer, brings more per capita consumption, and improves tourists'satisfaction.

Before tourists arrive at the ticket window, landscape design and path planning have complemented each other and become a new experience for tourists. The verdant landscape has the landscape elements of tropical oasis. As soon as visitors enter, they will see black and white dolphins swimming, flamingos foraging, or waterfalls flying down. Water Element Paradise is good at catching visitors'hearts as soon as they get started, making them feel they are really coming. Inside the main entrance of Orlando Water Elements Paradise, there is a towering and beautiful unique viewing platform. In addition, other attractions are hidden behind the green landscape. This immediately aroused the interest of tourists in exploring.       

New large-scale recreational facilities may make your park a headline news, but this does not guarantee that visitors will become repeat visitors. To attract visitors back and give five-star reviews, we need to plan long-term and early-stage strategies and invest enough creativity and capital in areas where tourists will spend 95% of their time, such as paths, landscapes and catering retails. When we consider investments in the coming year, in addition to adding the highest, fastest or most frightening machinery, why not try to improve the overall quality of the park and make it known for its shaded, most comfortable or most authentic immersion experience?

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