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Various Water Slides

Various Water Slides

As a reliable source of excellent park slides, the strong reputation now has been set up by way of our company. Now we choose some special and interesting park slides for sale to show.

The translucent slides provided by our company is very safe. And with the development of technology, new and innovative aqua play features are continuously designed. And you can honestly read a book thru these slides due to the fact they are so transparent, and you additionally can see all factors regarding the operation of the slide from water flow to who is coming down the slide. The special waterside journey will be provided to customers by this specific effect.

You can pick out from some of our open or enclosed velocity slides when you have the space and the need for a thrill. It will provide your guests with a specific feeling of rush. 

As for the rafting slides, they refer to larger format slides, and through them, you can experience on an inner tube or inflatable multi-person raft. They are longer and begin greater than other ordinary slides. Both massive formats open and enclosed rafting slide designs are offered. Also, in this series, our multi-lane mat racing slides that can be connected with a computerized timer are offered to give rider speeds and slide times.

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