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Four Key Points of Water Park Slide Design

Four Key Points of Water Park Slide Design

1. Careful site selection and scale
The location of water park should be conveniently located. The size of water park slide should be determined by the local realizable passenger flow, consumption level and self-management team. It should not be simply imitated and blindly invested.

2. More water park facilities suitable for all ages
In recent years, there are fewer and fewer water park equipments with single function. Most of them are inclined to large-scale and compound equipments, and most of them are consumed by family groups. Therefore, when the operators allocate water park equipments, they should consider more family consumption groups, allocate more water park equipments suitable for all ages, avoid repeated accumulation of equipments, and leave enough room for secondary development. It is better to equip the water park equipment which can be operated all year round to extend the business period of the water park.

3. Attention should be paid to the supporting facilities of water park equipment
Many park operators are keen to buy foreign equipment, such as imported FRP slides at a high price, but they do not pay enough attention to the supporting facilities to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. When choosing the steel structure to support the FRP slides, those inexperienced and inexpensive manufacturers of water park equipment are often unable to ensure a good connection between the FRP slides and the steel structure; therefore, if there is not enough funds to ensure the normal use of imported equipment, it is not necessary to pay a large price for the imported FRP slides. Our domestic equipment is not inferior to imported equipment in some respects, even more mature in technology and moderate in price.

4. Pay attention to details in the construction process
After the identification of design documents, type experiments and inspection acceptance, the water park equipment is used correctly according to the operation instructions, and the probability of accidents is very slight. Due to the lack of attention to details in the construction process, it is the biggest reason for frequent injuries of tourists in water park. Weak anti-skid measures and slip and fall are the most frequent accidents in water park. Secondly, scratch and bump accidents, edges and corners, cracks are hidden dangers of tourists'injuries. Therefore, in the construction process of water park, where visitors may come into contact, we must seriously deal with it to ensure the safety of visitors.

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