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3 Ways to Maximize Your Fun at a Water Park

3 Ways to Maximize Your Fun at a Water Park

In many ways, a visitor to a water park shouldn’t have to maximize her fun; it should be built into the very fabric of the place and the experience that can be had there. From slides to wave pools, a good water park offers a wealth of ways to have a squeal-worthy good time.

1. Scavenger Hunt
One time-tested way to maximize fun in almost any situation is to add a scavenger hunt to your activity, and, it turns out, a water park is a near-deal scavenger hunt setting. Go easy on the preparation and take an elaborate “I Spy” approach: Decide beforehand what everyone will be on the lookout for.

2. Make a Game of it
Of course, a scavenger hunt isn’t the only kind of game you can add to your time at a water park. While you need to ensure that your games are safe ones, there’s no reason a little friendly competition can’t be added into the water park mix. Race against one another while barreling down the slides. 

3. Rest Up
While it may not seem like it, one easy way to get the most fun out of your time at a water park is to make sure you’re well-rested before you go. Water play can be exhausting and be well-slept and in good health will make sure you make the most of your time in the water, on the slides, in the hot springs, and in the plunge bowl. Be sure to get plenty of rest while you’re on vacation, too, so you never have to take a day off to recover.

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