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Six Secrets to Making a Profit at an Indoor Kids Water Park

Six Secrets to Making a Profit at an Indoor Kids Water Park

For kids water park projects, a simple understanding is to move all the fun amusement equipment in various kids parks to the water. With the help of water resistance, bumps are reduced and kids' entertainment becomes safer. In addition, the close contact with water also enhances entertainment and excitement. So for water park investors, how can we create an indoor kids water park that is both fun and profitable?

1. Site selection of kids water park projects

The site selection of the project should consider two major factors:  the factor of resource and the factor of market.

(1) The factor of resource refers to the available resources at the project site, such as hot springs, heat sources, etc.;

(2) The factor of market includes local market capacity, consumption power, competitors, etc.

These two factors need to be considered comprehensively. For water park investors who are new to this industry, here is a simple method: at present, large shopping malls will be equipped with kids entertainment areas, including a series of services for kids' food, clothing, accommodation, transportation, and entertainment.

The location of the shopping mall has been made after professional market investigation and detailed planning. It is an area with a large flow of people and a relatively dense population. If the kids water park project can be directly located in the shopping mall, it will save a lot of pre-publicity, and the flow of people will be guaranteed. Of course, shopping malls and supermarkets are not the only choice. Our targeted customer is the group of kids. As long as there are kids, there is a need for entertainment, and there is our water park!

2. Project orientation of kids water parks

The orientation of the project determines the selection of kids water park equipment, so orientation is very important for the project. Generally speaking, the orientation of the project should be determined according to resource conditions, market competition, local consumption habits and the investment quota of investors.

The selection of indoor kids water park equipment is based on children in principle, trying to have as many interesting and interactive kids products as possible, but it is also necessary to take care of the elderly and adults as well.

3. Site planning of kids water park projects

The indoor kids water parks should not be too large. It is suggested that it should not exceed 25000 square meters. At the same time, the floor height should be moderate. If it is too high, it is difficult to keep warm and increase the operating cost. If it is too low, the water mist can not dissipate, which makes the tourists feel depressed and affects the playing experience. It is suggested that it should be about 12-15 meters, or 7-10 meters in the mall. If there is a large kids water park equipment, it needs 20-25 meters.

In addition, the venue needs to plan a play route, a partition between movement and static, and have ample leisure and rest places. At the same time, the planning and layout of ventilation, air conditioning, dehumidification equipment and fire protection should be done well.

4. Themed cultural packaging of kids water park projects

Appropriate themed cultural packaging can increase the amusement, interest and knowledge of the water park, allowing children to have more fun. However, the cost of input must also be controlled, and it should not be too high. It is recommended to have more paintings with more colors and low cost.

5. Safety of kids water park projects

Before ensuring playability and attracting kids, kids water parks must first ensure safety, which is the biggest prerequisite. If there are potential safety hazards in the park, normal operations will be a problem, let alone profit. Generally speaking, all the pillars in the kids water park should be round as far as possible without square corners. At the same time, the 2 meters below the pillars should be wrapped in soft bags to avoid collisions. In addition, the safety of kids water park equipment is also very important, so be sure to choose a good aqua park equipment supplier.

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