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3 Tips for Water Park Visit

3 Tips for Water Park Visit

1. Arrive ahead of schedule. Try to get close to the park because you can. It will not only be be a lot cooler without the sun blazing overhead, but also it will be less crowded, which meaning shorter waiting for rides and attractions.

2. Suncreen & reapply. It seems obvious, but it is easy to busy packing and everyone is ready, loaded into the car forget to apply it in all or catch up in the water park to play to forget to paint. Many sunscreen lasts only 4-6 hours. Protect those small and their own, do not forget sunscreen. No one wants to bring home sunburn as a souvenir. This is dangerous.

3. Plan your rides and slides. If this is a specific water park for the first time you go, jump on their website and see what attractions and rides your family wants to do and map them out when you get to the park, try to do what is in close order. Even if it's not the first time you've been in a park, you know what is there and list what you want to do.  In one day visit, it's almost impossible to do all the attraction in a water park, but if each person picks a favorite or two and you use the map and visit them efficiently, you can make full use of your visit.

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