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Three strategies to maximize the profit of water parks with short operating cycles

Three strategies to maximize the profit of water parks with short operating cycles

Three strategies to maximize the profit of water parks with short operating cycles

 As we all know, water parks are seasonal tourism products. July and August are the peak sales season for water parks, and the operating income during the peak season accounts for almost 70% -80% of the annual revenue of a water park project. Marketing promotion during this period It also has a decisive influence on the sales of water parks.

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Therefore, for the operators of the water park, the peak season of the water park is just like the harvest of the rice harvest season. The peak time is limited and one day should not be wasted.
How to stand out from the fierce competition in the water park? To maximize the profit of water parks with short operating cycles?
Brand needs to be different
The core value of the brand is the main body and essence of the brand. It represents the most central and least time-critical element of a brand, allowing consumers to clearly and clearly understand the brand's interests and personality. Just like a commodity, if you want to impress the customer, you must give him a strong reason to buy, and make them feel that "you must buy, you must". Because only in this way can we stand out from the crowd.
◎ The core value of the brand should have a distinct personality
Just like a unique person will leave a deep impression, the more distinct the personality of the brand's core value, the more it can be deeply rooted in people's hearts. In today's diverse society, people's preferences are different, and consumption is becoming more and more individual. No brand can be a “all-in-one” for take-all.
Lack of personality, tending to be the same as the core value of the brand, will make consumers see the brand entering the market as an "imitation show", so that the brand is quickly drowned in the vast brand ocean. Only with a high degree of differentiation can the core value of a brand with a distinctive personality shine on the stage and attract consumers' attention at a low cost.
◎ The core value of the brand must be able to stir the hearts of consumers
Only when the core value of a brand is close to the heart of the consumer, can it arouse the heart of the consumer and make the consumer like it. Therefore, to refine the core value of the brand, we must understand the inner world of consumers, their values, aesthetics, preferences and so on.
◎ The core value of the brand must be inclusive
When establishing the core value of the brand, it should also consider its inclusiveness. If the brand needs to be extended with the development of the enterprise, it is found that the core value of the original brand can't tolerate new products, and it will cause huge waste if it is rebuilt.

Theme should be unique
The buildings, ancillary facilities, landscapes, guidance and signage systems, performing arts, activities, costumes, and merchandise of the Water Park project need to be related to the theme to be conveyed. All elements serve the theme.
Performing arts, as one of the important components of creating a water park atmosphere, is the most direct means for tourists to enhance the experience. At present, China's water park's "three-piece performing arts": parade, road show, and theater performances, most of them continue the traditional way of performing interaction-actors watching tourists.
Although the interaction with tourists is added to the performing arts design, it is still a one-way communication and performance form on the whole, which cannot bring tourists an active interactive experience, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of tourists' in-depth experience.
I should let the audience really participate in the performance, become a role in it and even promote the development of the plot. In the process of participation, the audience actually satisfied the personalized viewing interaction needs to varying degrees, thereby obtaining an unforgettable and unique "immersive" experience.
Through the creation of this "immersive" performing arts experience environment, emphasis is placed on allowing tourists to participate in interactive experiences, ultimately forming a good experience, and thus strengthening the park's reputation for communication.

Innovation needs to be adapted to the time
Grasp the dynamics of tourist demand, timely grasp the elements of tourist satisfaction, value evaluation, and find the key points of innovation and development. Water parks should grasp the dynamic changes in tourist demand based on the analysis of relevant information, in order to innovate products, update water park equipment and water amusement equipment, and win customer revisit rates.
◎ Every link in the water park industry chain is looking for upstream and downstream market opportunities, and cross-border operations are becoming more and more obvious.
As the “IP” spread showed strong leverage for the sales of water park derivatives, it attracted more local game companies to test the water.
◎ Diversity of demand is the market demand for product innovation
With the improvement of people's living standards, the personalized needs of tourism, leisure, entertainment and other aspects are becoming more and more diversified. With this adaptation, diverse products can meet diversified needs and can remain attractive to specific markets.

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