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Theme construction of queuing area(similar to building water park)

Theme construction of queuing area(similar to building water park)

1.     Theme story telling

The queuing area is also the only area for tourists to tell the story cause and exaggerate the atmosphere before entering the theme activity project experience.           

In addition to super IP and familiar movie stories of specific age groups, tourists are relatively unfamiliar with the story scenes that most amusement items want to express. It's also very unlikely that a full story can be expressed through a 2-5 minute experience. Therefore, the setting of the scene in the queuing area and the story telling of the rolling video are good places for tourists to enter the project in advance.           

Therefore, the multimedia technology mentioned above has a place to use. Through the audio and video rolling play, in a few minutes simply and clearly explain the cause of the story, the process, as well as the needs of tourists in the story to complete the task. The display screen does not necessarily appear in a conventional appearance. Combined with the scenery props in the queuing area, it can help tourists enter the activity atmosphere more quickly.           

In addition, the background music needs to be in the same line with the music of the amusement activity itself, and the theme music can help tourists quickly enter the role of amusement activities.

2.     Theme packaging(similar to building water park)

Of course, some activities do not have a strong story line, so the amusement equipment should be set according to the large theme of this area, and the amusement equipment and queuing area should be packaged as a whole.           

The green space in the outdoor queuing area, the facade inside and outside the building, and the railing system are all excellent places for the theme setting. Like theme music, theme scenes should be created from the queuing area to the extreme of amusement space, maximizing the experience of tourists and creating "immersive" entertainment experience for tourists.

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