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How to do the water park theme?

How to do the water park theme?

In recent years, a large number of capital into the theme of water park set off a wave of investment and development, many have formed a major theme and content of the development thinking. IPs and thematic culture from historical anecdotes, literary works, film and television play appear more in the conceptual plan of a theme water slide developer. This is a good thing from the tourist cultural experience point of view.

But there is one more question followed by this operation: how to combine high-quality IP or culture with the theme water park, deepen and land on, and become a real product that tourists can see? In reality, this is not an easy task.

Themed packaging is like wearing clothes, suitable for the most important!

Conceptual design, deepening of detail, engineering model building to construction are the only ways you want to get themed ideas to come, which we call "themed packaging." Dead-end theme packaging can perfectly demonstrate the theme of style, in order to allow visitors immersive.

In short, the theme of the package is to wear clothes, different personalities will be based on their own characteristics and character to find the most suitable clothes, to form their own characteristics. And the same is true for themed packaging, which is to give life to a building without any distinctiveness and connotation, to shape it, and give it to the soul.

But different theme packaging is like a suit to fit and not suitable for the difference. Wear a piece of clothing that suits you and looks beautiful, and lets you have a distinctive label and a certain temperament. The so-called fit for themselves, not necessarily must be from start to finish brand names, simple and personalized to wear can also be done to make people look comfortable. Therefore, the theme of packaging can be accurately based on their own positioning and investment budget to create, to achieve the balance of the packaging effect and investment budget. But there is no theme of packaging, or packaging but no theme, or a water park will lack vitality and soul.

After fully considering the target tourists of a theme water park, we must carefully analyze what kind of theme style is attractive to these target tourists. This is closely related to the location and economic status of the project. "The more viable theme at the moment should be to make a choice between the themes of the lost civilization or ancient civilizations, science fiction themes, influential movies or novels.

For example, Sanya Dreamland Water park, through the compilation of the legendary stories of Phoenix and the three princesses, subtly gave theme of "water", "jungle" and "mountaintop" in the three regions of the park and incorporated "Phoenix" into the theme. The theme of Hengdian Film City's Dream Valley Water Park Phase I comes from the mummies' series of films that make use of the water-related episodes of the movie in combination with the water park's landscape features and the water park's amusement experience to make the water park mysterious There is a strong attractive theme culture. Also, Hengdian Film City Dream valley Park II to "one thousand one night story" as the theme, into the marine culture, a small children's pool is also "Sinbad wreck" story as a clue to set the coral, Jellyfish, mermaid and other water spray, set the scene not only make full use of the theme story, but also to meet entertainment needs.

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