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How to do indoor theme water park?

How to do indoor theme water park?

With the arrival of the holiday economy, more and more cultural tourism complex will be invested. How to create attractive experience content has become a thorny problem in the project. Cultural tourism project investment is huge, linked, a wrong move may cause the overall passive, especially in recent years, a large number of new cultural tourism complex, urgent need of high-quality content filling. Like in water parks, the different theme for water slides will make them special and substituted.

1. Generally speaking, the content of play is more substantial and novel, which can support more than half a day of play time. The current pricing is acceptable for large city consumers. This type of indoor theme park is valuable for many scenic spots or cultural tourism complex with poor content.           

2. Modularity is a major feature of indoor theme park. If a mature and complete product system is formed, it can be rapidly expanded and copied. After the formation of large-scale chain operation, the high cost of content production and authorization can be diluted, and the entertainment equipment of each store through the network collaborative interaction is also a very mature technology at present.           

3. This project can be regarded as a good example of the combination of IP and entertainment. Many large and medium-sized entertainment projects have the support of world-famous IP, which can get a lot of benefits in project attraction, publicity and play experience. In addition, it also synchronously promotes the popularity of Huaxia animation's own IP "Ziyan".           

4. Accommodate far less tourists than the publicity and expectation of the project party. Each large and medium-sized entertainment project (not included in the arcade) can only support about 100 people to play at the same time in total. If the number of people exceeds this number, the queuing time will be greatly increased, and the sense of experience will be much worse. For the indoor theme park of this volume, the capacity is obviously low. If we design some amusement projects that can accommodate more tourists to experience at the same time, and the rhythm is fast, it will greatly improve the carrying capacity of the project tourists.           

5. As a high-tech experience oriented indoor amusement park, the content is kingcraft, and visitors must experience unique and irreplaceable fun here. There are still some traditional amusement projects, or the technology content is insufficient, and such equipment and arcades occupy a lot of valuable indoor area. If the function of an on-site device is similar to that of a tourist's mobile app, what's the interest? The rapid progress of VR, AR, holography and other technologies gives the project a lot of space to play.            

6. With Sega player's arena's lessons, it's not difficult to have good earnings in the early stage of opening, but to maintain the attraction to the customer group for several years, strive for secondary consumption and obtain good earnings, it's very important to update the amusement projects iteratively in the future.

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