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Although we cannot meet face to face, we can still work hand in hand

Although we cannot meet face to face, we can still work hand in hand

The sudden outbreak of coronavirus has prevented us from meeting "face-to-face", but it cannot stop our "hand in hand" cooperation!
A few days ago, Haishan Amusement completed the contract for the sale and installation of Korla Water Park equipment with investors in Xinjiang Korla by email, telephone, video conference, and the two parties finally completed the signing of the contract.

The Korla Water Park Project is located in the Bazhou National Sports Park in Korla City, the second largest city in Xinjiang. The project has a planned area of about 50,000 square meters and is designed with a variety of online celebrity products such as Space One, Tianxuandi, Youlongxishui, and 28-meter high-speed slides newly developed by Haishan Amusement. The project is scheduled to be completed this summer and is open to foreign businesses. It is a Xinjiang region. The largest water park with the largest variety of equipment will present a grand water fun carnival for tourists in Korla after the epidemic!

Water slide equipment
It is understood that the Korla National Sports Park has received more than 100,000 tourists from Xinjiang and abroad since its opening on July 20, 2019. Fairy promenade, grassland in the city, blooming sea of flowers, horse culture park integrating horse riding and famous horse watching, children's amusement park, fish boating, Bombardier desert off-road vehicle, yurt self-service barbecue and other recreational facilities and projects, let Korla The sports park quickly became a popular venue for online celebrities. All kinds of performances, group building, parent-child activities, study tours, wedding photography schedules are full. The series of speed horse races held over the years is a grand event for the interactive integration of culture, sports, tourism and economy. We believe that the introduction of the water park project will also bring more joy to local tourists.

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