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How to design a theme water park

How to design a theme water park

After rapid development in recent years, water parks have gradually matured. Theme water parks and chain water parks with brand influence will lead the dominant market. Although some small-sized ordinary water parks have experienced a brief economic storm, most of them have been marketed. Elimination, it can be seen from the future water park market, water park design is very important.

The design of the water park should not only be designed separately for each major, but a general contract design to be responsible for the planning of the theme story, the layout of the overall format, the selection of water entertainment equipment, architectural style control, and the overall artistic atmosphere (including the logo system, Color, VI, etc.) control, landscape style control, tourism planning and design (tourism market positioning, theme activity planning, tourism products, tour organization ...), etc.

Water park design should take into account the integration of planning and design, from the earliest theme planning to design to seamlessly connect. In the design of the theme water park, the story line has a strong leading role. The story line is a skeleton, it should be built in advance, and various professions cooperate with the narrative logic of the story line, so as to give visitors the best theme experience. Any theme water park needs a story blueprint.

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