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Management for building water park

Management for building water park

After knowing these rules, we will have a way to manage the tourists. There are many ways to manage tourists. Now there are new technologies, including GPS, smart bracelets and smart tickets. For example, the FP reservation system used by Disneyland can effectively guide tourists. The parades in the park can actually bring tourists from densely populated areas to less crowded places. In a sense, the layout of restaurants, toilets and the distribution of roller coasters in the park can also guide tourists to flow Different distribution in space, this is in the design.

But for many theme park(water park)s, its design is relatively hard. We have some parks in the design of all large, very attractive roller coasters are all concentrated in one area, such areas in fact in the late management of tourists with great risk. So what can be done to reduce these aspects? For example, in areas where tourists are relatively dense, it is necessary to shorten the playing time of some equipment, extend the waiting area or take customers away with other deductive activities.           

There are many capacity management strategies for building water park, such as opening up new scenic spots and opening up new scenic spots. However, paying attention to each new measure is a double-edged sword. For example, the addition of new attractions may lead to a longer stay in the tourist season, which may aggravate the degree of congestion of tourists. Therefore, which measure should be tested when using a specific scenic spot is related to the special situation of the scenic spot. It does not mean that this method can reduce the tourist capacity in other scenic spots, but also in your scenic spot. Each measure is a double-edged sword. It may be more serious, or it may be simpler. It needs specific experiments.

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