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Why build a strong regional brand for water park

Why build a strong regional brand for water park

1. It's hard to see national brands again in a short period of time           

The development of water park and water slide has become an indisputable fact. Policy trend, industry investment and demand release all make water parks develop rapidly, but water parks have actually passed the era of barbaric growth and scarce supply. Today's domestic water park industry, the pattern of large-scale is almost fixed, and major brands have their own strategies and routines to cope with the next stage of development. So that is very important to make the water slides special, unique and different for the market, the four seasons operation equipment by Haisan Amusement are the ones to meet the requests for the recent water slides.          

2. The competition situation in the region is more complicated and changeable           

At present, the water park industry is in the situation of "a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred boats compete for the best". With the entry of Disney, six flags and Universal Studios, the efforts of Fonterra, Chimelong and happy valley, the real estate companies such as Shimao, Wanda and Evergrande are involved in Tourism, and the government focuses on or supports the local developers to invest, so as to make the competition of the theme park present a large number of real estate, cultural technology, government and investors In this situation, the means of operation and the means of obtaining tourists will not be limited to the traditional tourism operation. For example, real estate developers may take advantage of owners' resources and publicity resources, while investors may use crazy price wars and other means to impact the market for short-term interests. Its complexity and variability are difficult to predict.                     

3. Only by building a strong regional brand can we survive.           

Strong brands are undoubtedly the hot cakes in the market, such as happy valley, Fonterra, Chimelong and dinosaur garden. No matter which market you go to, you will have good government support, market support and public praise. While strong brands in regional market, although they have no influence in the national market, are more able to focus on the market due to better understanding of the market Strength, can form the advantage to the national brand in the region (grandpa Mao said: concentrate forces, annihilate the enemy's living force). For example, Zhengzhou opalala aquatic world, through its own operation in the regional market, concentrates a lot of resources in event planning, product promotion and marketing, which is more popular, in park and brand voice than the national brand Zhengzhou Fangte aquatic world.

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