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Suitable theme landscape is very important in water park

Suitable theme landscape is very important in water park

Theme landscape is like dressing, suitable is the most important.

Simply speaking, the theme landscape is like people dressing. People with different personalities will match their own characteristics and personality to find their most suitable clothes and form their own characteristics. And the same for theme packaging, it is to give life to a building without special features and connotations, forming the characteristics and giving the soul.

But the different theme packaging is like a person wearing whether suitable or unsuitable. Wearing a suit that suits yourself and beautiful, it will let yourself have a distinct label and a particular temperament. The so-called suitable for themselves may not be from beginning to end with the famous brand, while simple and personal dress can also make people look comfortable. So the theme package can be accurately built according to its own positioning and investment budget to achieve the balance of the packaging effect and the investment budget. But without theme package or with package but no theme, a water park will lack vitality and soul.

After considering the location of tourists in a water park, we need to carefully analyze what themes and styles are attractive to these target tourists. This is closely related to the location and economic status. At present, more vigorous theme creation should be chosen in the lost civilization or ancient civilization theme, science fiction theme, influential movie or novel IP theme.

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