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Safety Survey of Water Amusement Park Proves the Industry needs to be Rectified

Safety Survey of Water Amusement Park Proves the Industry needs to be Rectified

The first impression of the public on water park is that the water park is hot, colorful, and flow, etc. But the more impressive thing is that the number of casualties caused by its safety accidents and the loss of group death. Safety is a lifeline for water parks, and a serious safety accident can destroy a water park project.

The last five years have been a rapid development period of water parks, and news of safety accidents on water parks has appeared frequently. Every time we see stories about children getting hurt or even dying during a water park trip, we are all gut-wrenching. Are water parks really that unsafe?

The reason is that the negligence in the management process is the most important factor that causes the safety accidents. In June, a water park device was pulled up by wind and children fell from the sky to a serious fall, it is because that the operator ignored the attention of the water park manufacturer regarding the use of the products in the course of operation, which caused the illegal operation. Most water park merchants have this description of products: when there is wind in the air, it is necessary to fix the windbreaker. When the wind is greater than 5, the operation should be considered and the installation of the fixed windproof belt must be securely and reliably.

In addition to the safety accidents caused by operators not strictly operating procedures, another important cause of safety accidents is the poor quality of the equipment. With the development of the industry, more and more merchants are engaged in the production of large-scale water park equipment. In order to make a successful bid, they compete at low prices, and in order to make a profit, they cut corners in the production process. Some of the water park equipment makers also failed to pass the technology, think of last year's water park side turn event in Changsha, the merchant claims that the product weighs more than 2 tons, can resist the 6-7 class wind, and finally was blown over by the wind, this caused a serious group injury situation, and this one really didn't know what to say.

According to the general administration of quality supervision of China and the big data of the media, the conclusion of the summary analysis of the safety accidents caused by water parks is as follows:

There are two main reasons for safety accidents:
1. Operation procedures are not strictly followed;
2. The quality of the amusement equipment is inferior.

There are four common causes of safety accidents:
1. Tourists' own mistakes;
2. External factors such as weather and climate;
3. Hidden dangers of engineering construction and equipment installation;
4. Planning and design mistakes.

This year, I visited several water parks, conducted a safe experience and found many problems, according to the author's many years of water park observation, these problems are common phenomena, the industry needs to be rectified urgently!

TIPS: the safety test of water park

The pool area
A lot of people were jumping on the word "no diving"
The staff was not deterred from chatting

As soon as he entered the swimming pool area, he saw that the words "no diving" were written. But with the boom and boom, I saw a lot of people diving into the pool.

In the deep pool, not only are the signs on the ground, but there are also forbidden dives on the ground, but at least 10 people have dived into the pool while I was there. At a table on the side of the pool, the staff sat around chatting, and did not stop.

High speed slide
Tourists wear necklaces and watches
A child slides down and the arm bleeds

The high-speed slide is a more exciting water project, divided into two kinds, one is the three-color race slide, the length is 216 meters, the height is 10 meters. One is a high-altitude downhill slide, 62 meters long and 10 meters high.

There are notes written by the slide, which include several notes: do not wear glasses, watches, jewelry, etc. Or wear a T-shirt into the slide. (in a faster slide, anything can cause a lot of damage); Please leave immediately after sliding into the sink. Visitors are less than 1.4 meters tall, and children under the age of 12 are not allowed to use it. In fact, none of the glasses was asked to take off the glasses, and even some wore necklaces, rings, watches, etc., but no staff asked to take them off. A number of children came back and forth on the tri-color competition slide, some of which didn't reach the size of 1.4 m, and there were no staff to stop it. A child played several times, and when he came down, he kept his arm in pain and bleeding on his arm.

One of the women wanted to play the skyslide, but there was some timidity in her heart. And encouraged by her companions, she stood at the head of the slide in the mood, and the staff called her: sit down! But it took the women two minutes to get down. Such standing is actually very dangerous, and it can be life-threatening if you accidentally drop it.

At the end of the slide, the staff looked at it, but he quickly walked away, and there were a lot of people standing on the slide and taking pictures and shooting video, but there was no one to stop it. Some tourists slipped down, looked for shoes, or didn't leave the slide, but the tourists were already falling and the scene was chaotic.

Rafts slide
The tourists did not sit properly
The raft had nearly fallen off the slide

The raft slide is also a more exciting project, with a group of two sitting on a raft, sliding quickly into the pool from the slide. On this raft, we should pay special attention to sitting. The person in front of the raft puts his feet outside the raft, hands on the handle of the raft, the person behind the raft needs to hold the foot in the front of the armpit and hold it as hard as possible.

There was a group of tourists, and people in the back seat put their feet on the raft. The staff also did not guide and correct the sitting position, and they allowed the raft to enter the slide, while the rear tourists nearly fell off the slide while adjusting the sitting position.

At the end of the raft, the staff was under the shed shaving.


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