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What kind of taboos we should pay attention to when it comes to design for project of water park

What kind of taboos we should pay attention to when it comes to design for project of water park

Safety problems

After the design document appraisal, type test, inspection and acceptance of the water park equipment, if we use it accurately according to the operation instruction, the accident probability is extremely small. However, the lack of attention to details in the construction process is the biggest reason for the frequent occurrence of tourist injury accidents in the water park. Also, abrade knock against accident, edges and corners, aperture are all hidden troubles that tourist gets hurt. Therefore, the water park in the construction process of all visitors may contact, must deal with it seriously, to ensure the safety of tourists.

Comply with the civil code

Pools, machine room pipe trench, equipment foundation of water park , etc. in the construction process must comply with the civil code requirements,  do not rush the construction period and illegal operation. Now, some of the most controversial questions about water parks are: what is the best material to use for the bottom of the wave pool and sink? What is the most skid resistant material for water park roads? The quality of civil construction is not guaranteed. The foundation subsidence, pipeline fracture and pool surface decoration falling off occurred in the water park are mostly caused by the rush period, so we must respect the science and implement the standard construction.

Water quality treatment

At present, the water quality of most of the domestic water parks in the peak season gradually more tourists, gradually become turbid, and sometimes even become milky white, pungent. In order to improve water quality, some investors import excellent filtration equipment from abroad, but the effect is not ideal. Water treatment is composed of circulation, purification, filtration, disinfection, monitoring and other systems, the quality of water cannot be guaranteed only by imported purification and filtration equipment without a reasonable system design.

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