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Maintenance Issues in Large-scale Water Rides

Maintenance Issues in Large-scale Water Rides

The problems in the maintenance process of large-scale water rides are worrying for three main reasons:

Lack of effective supervision mechanism

Although the "Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment" has clearly defined the main responsibility of the unit using large-scale water rides, individual contract operators have multiple identities as managers, operators, maintenance and operators, making it difficult to implement the maintenance management system due to the lack of effective supervision mechanism.

Insufficient safety awareness

Due to the profit-driven nature, some operators tend to focus more on operating efficiency, ignoring social benefits, and even have a certain sense of luck, thinking that nothing serious will happen even if there is a malfunction, and still continue to operate, which will inevitably lead to some accidents.

Weak maintenance and maintenance capabilities

The main feature of large-scale water rides is the diversity of varieties. Even for the same type of equipment, due to different design and manufacturing units, the structure of the equipment is also different, so it is necessary to require daily maintenance personnel to have high professional quality.

However, many amusement parks do not have dedicated maintenance personnel, and many daily maintenance work is undertaken by individual contract operators themselves, who generally have lower educational and technical skills, and have not undergone professional training.

In combination with recent accidents, special inspections, and usage analysis of large-scale water rides, it is evident that there are indeed some problems in the use and maintenance of such facilities.

Doing a good job in the daily maintenance of large-scale water rides is the responsibility of the using unit, an important guarantee for the safe operation of large-scale water rides, and a key to ensuring the safety of tourists.

According to statistics from relevant departments, more than 60% of accidents caused by large-scale water rides are due to insufficient maintenance and maintenance. Therefore, lessons must be learned from accidents, and the management of large-scale amusement facilities and maintenance should be strengthened to ensure that maintenance tasks are effectively implemented, and to avoid similar accidents from occurring.

Measures for maintenance and maintenance of water rides

Implement regular maintenance and maintenance system

Large-scale water rides are a very special type of special equipment, with diverse varieties and used in public places and highly concerned by the public. If accidents occur, they will have a significant social impact.

Due to the inability of many using units to carry out their own maintenance and maintenance to meet the daily maintenance requirements of the equipment, relevant departments should introduce a regular maintenance and maintenance system for large-scale amusement facilities, clearly defining the daily maintenance and maintenance of large-scale water rides and entrusting qualified maintenance units to undertake the daily, monthly, and annual inspections, maintenance and maintenance to ensure that the daily maintenance and maintenance tasks of the equipment are truly implemented.

Increase the training efforts for maintenance personnel

Due to the high degree of professionalism required for the maintenance and maintenance of large-scale water rides, the number and abilities of professional maintenance personnel in the amusement park (venue) still cannot meet the current requirements.

In the absence of a regular maintenance and maintenance system, it is necessary to strengthen the professional training of existing maintenance personnel, cultivate a professional maintenance team, and ensure the quality of the daily safe operation of large-scale amusement facilities.

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