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Safety first: precautions for the preparation and operation of special water park equipment-part four

Safety first: precautions for the preparation and operation of special water park equipment-part four

36. Use of electronic auxiliary equipment required for water park equipment operation

(1) Turn on the sound amplification facilities used by the machine, adjust the volume, not too loud, too small, noise, howling, etc. If there is a fault and timely repair, if it cannot be repaired in a short time, please use the mobile in the alternative scheme. Sound amplification facilities.

(2) Open the video facility in the queuing area to check whether the image can be played normally, whether there is any abnormal scene such as black screen, flower screen, splash screen, etc. If there is any problem, report it to the repair in time, and repair it in a short time, start the backup program, machine Operators should increase the frequency of safety notifications for equipment rides.

(3) At night, open the ambient light around the machine to check whether it is used normally. If the light is not bright or other conditions affecting night operation, report it in time, and if it can't be solved in a short time, please call the customer service center and do the equipment report. Stop processing.

(4) Wall-mounted intercom facilities, test whether the intercom is normal, and whether the call quality is abnormal or not.

(5) Open the monitoring facilities in the machine area to check whether it works normally, whether there are abnormalities such as loss of monitoring screen, black screen, and screen jumping. If there is any abnormality, report it to the relevant department for maintenance in time to prevent work without monitoring.

37. When the equipment fails, the tourists handle the specification.

(1) Handling of trapped tourists: The station staff first activates the emergency broadcast to inform them that it is safe. Other staff members will arrive at the trapped location as soon as possible, rescue the trapped tourists and guide them to the safe area, waiting for the duty manager or customer service staff. Assistance in handling.

(2) Station landing equipment: Quickly release the tourists from the platform equipment to the drop-off area, explain the equipment failure, and can not open to the outside. If it can be repaired in a short time, it can be re-logined and can be repaired in a short time. If you are not willing to leave, please wait for the duty manager or customer service staff to assist you.

(3) Waiting for more than 1 hour in the queuing area: inform the equipment of the failure, the repair time can not be determined, if there is left, quickly guide it to leave the queuing area, do not want to leave, wait for the assistance of the duty manager and customer service staff.

(4) Just queued for tourists to deal with: Guided evacuation and persuaded them to play other equipment.

(5) Entrance management in the queuing area: Suspend or place equipment to maintain the opening of the signboard, not accepting tourists to line up, guiding tourists to play other equipment.

38. Employees enter the operational exclusion zone management norms

(1) Equipment that exists in the restricted area of equipment operation shall not enter after any time without approval. If you enter, you will be punished in strict accordance with company specifications. Employees are extremely vulnerable to employee casualties because they do not know the safety conditions in the restricted area.

(2) Employees must not think that tourists pick up the fallen belongings into the restricted area. If they fall, they need to report to the customer service center by themselves. After the equipment stops running, security, customer service and on-site operators will enter the restricted area for joint operation. Search. Make sure that the equipment is out of service and that it is a safe area. If necessary, please ask the structural engineer of the engineering department to arrive at the scene to confirm whether it is a safe area.

(3) At present, there are many accidents caused by employees entering the restricted area of operation.

(4) For the perimeter of the safely operated restricted area, daily inspections are carried out, and safety hazards such as damage to the fence are found to be promptly reported to the relevant departments for maintenance.

39. Specification of the use of equipment fast track

(1) Equipment operation staff, supervisors, managers, etc., can not bring their friends and other visitors from the fast track into the equipment platform, jump into the team to experience equipment.

(2) The equipment operator shall not accept tourists who come in from the exit or tourists brought by other colleagues of the company to ride the equipment.

(3) It is found that some employees bring friends to enter from the exit and report in time.

(4) The customer service staff can solve the complaints from tourists, and the company reception of the administrative personnel can enter the platform from the fast-track, and conveniently ride the equipment. And fill in the "fast passenger ride record."

(5) No one may take tourists to take convenient access to collect guest fees, once found in strict accordance with the company system.

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