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How water park should be like

How water park should be like

How should water park be like?Themed Design can fundamentally be defined as the creation of a Dimensional Story Experience unified by a Theme.

We really do think about it the way that we think about a movie, the way you think about a play, the way you think about a novel. It just happens to be built out of physical objects, but, in fact, it is meant to function like a story, a story that when people come they are wrapped up inside of this story. And to the degree that they choose to use their own imaginations and to indulge in the reality of that story, to that degree, we wanted to provide them a place to be that real for them. Not everybody wants to do that, obviously, there are some people who want to ping off every E-Ticket they can here and then buzz off to another theme park. Okay, that's great. I don't actually think that’s the way to reap the value of what has gone into Animal Kingdom. I really think the best way to get the value out of Animal Kingdom is to really, really slow down and pay attention and sort of reading it the way you would read a really, really complicated and rich kind of novel.

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