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water park planning and design from HAISAN water slide company-part two

water park planning and design from HAISAN water slide company-part two

1. Functional zoning is clear, scientific, environmentally friendly and rational as HAISAN water slide company mentions               

Step by step, the functional areas are set up so that tourists can be fully involved and intoxicated. The forest water world of Suzhou Paradise is divided into four regions according to its function and population: tropical recreation area, insect and rain forest joy area, mysterious forest exploration area and rhythmic coastal Carnival area.            

"Tropical Style Leisure Area" is a tourist distribution and reception center, providing visitors with inquiry, reception, ticketing, catering, storage, changing bath and other supporting functions, as well as a water dance square for visitors to interact enthusiastically; "Insect and insect Rainforest Happy Area" is a water play area specially designed for children, including mushroom water pool, Ladybug nest, fairy play water house, and so on. Valleys, drifting rivers and other fairy tales make children feel like they are in fantastic forests; "Mysterious Forest Adventure Zone" consists of Bush tornadoes, storm valleys, fast jungles, wilderness trails, light-speed waterfalls, oasis swimming pools and other main stimulating recreational events, providing a place to release pressure for tourists; "Rhythmic Coastal Carnival Zone" is a resort for leisure and entertainment, including hurricanes. Wind, sea and wave pools, breaking through the super tornado, photosynthetic beach, coastal Carnival stage, etc.            

2. Project Settings Should Be Unique and Novelty            

Research and analysis of the needs of consumer groups, set up unique and innovative water entertainment facilities and multi-functional entertainment projects, in the same industry has its own highlights and unique features, enhance business competitiveness, but also let tourists feel water entertainment in all directions.            

Water park equipment selection is more diverse, usually with large-scale water slide, large-scale water village, children's playground, children's slide, wave pool, drifting river, swimming pool as the main. In terms of selection, the current mainstream is still pursuing "faster, more exciting", such as the super tornado in the forest water world of Suzhou Paradise, Tantrum Valley slide and so on.

With the continuous development of the market, in the future, water park is not only a place for young people to pursue stimulation, but also a place for family members to enjoy leisure and entertainment. Family and leisure products will become a major direction of future market development.            

In addition to the above contents, such as anti-skid problems, secondary consumption, the setting of entrance and exit areas of amusement equipment, square setting, shading/rest space layout, etc., should also be fully considered in the planning and design process of water park. 

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