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Multiple Types and Location Planning of Aqua Park Equipment

Multiple Types and Location Planning of Aqua Park Equipment

For the water park with a lot of water slide equipment, will gradually enter the era of water park equipment renewal, water park UV disinfection and other disinfection equipment renewal, functional positioning, entertainment experience and business transformation and upgrading. At the same time, personalized, composite and thematic water parks will gradually become the highlight of investment and consumption, the water park market will be more segmented.

In recent years, the requirements for environmental impact assessment have become increasingly strict, and the outbreak of water parks has gradually stabilized and standardized the entire industry in the development process.

Ⅰ. There are four basic types of water slide equipment

1. The vacation type: water parks with water slide equipment in tourist resorts

2. The waterslide area in the amusement parks and large theme parks

3. The type of commercial support: small water parks in commercial complexes.

4. The type of single independence: a single water park with the ability to operate independently.

Ⅱ. The location of aqua park equipment planning

Regardless of the type, in the investment and operation process, the overall layout of the water park equipment must have a global perspective. The actual form of the park environment and the form of space can be expected, and consider its function, economy and artistry. Various factors in the planning cooperate with each other to form an organic whole, so that the park's spatial environment can fully meet the needs of the theme.

In determining the theme park theme type, content and style, the aqua park equipment should consider the location of each theme area planning, as well as the transition and separation between each other, in order to truly create a beautiful natural environment, and achieve a reasonable layout. At the same time, the water park equipment cost is a key factor.

It is usually impossible for visitors to remain emotionally and physically engaged for long periods of time. Therefore, successful water parks must emphasize the rhythm when organizing and separating areas: the sequence of "prologue - climax - relaxation transition - climax", so that visitors can play happily in different spaces without notice.

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