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What should we pay attention to when investing in water park?

What should we pay attention to when investing in water park?

What should we pay attention to when investing in water park?

Water park industry in this season is also a good time to start investing in the construction of water park. The site selection, planning and negotiation of the water park should start from this time to prepare or have begun to break ground. Here, we would like to remind the vast investors who are ready to invest in and operate the water park that they must not follow blindly. They shall grasp the following points.           

1. Site planning and design should take into account objective conditions and consult with water park equipment manufacturers.           

With the land selected, the construction area of water amusement park is basically clear. It is necessary to consult more water park equipment manufacturers, consult more and communicate more in order to determine the preliminary planning and design. Generally speaking, manufacturers will use professional knowledge and grasp the industry market, according to objective terrain conditions and other factors to produce more feasible planning and design schemes, such as how to configure water park equipment, how to distribute regional (thematic) layout, how to function area. Domain division and so on. At the same time, the location and scale of aquatic park should first consider passenger flow, convenient transportation conditions, consumption level and their own management team. It must not be simply imitated and blindly invested.           

2. Equipment layout should take into account some intuitive conditions and reserve secondary space.           

In recent years, the allocation of water park equipment has also changed greatly. The early equipment stacking and simple rough has no longer adapted to the current development of the industry, but more inclined to the combination of water slides in the form of compound sports, children's water-playing equipment to experience parent-child fun, cool and stimulating surfing, etc. Combining the corresponding humanistic care, theme culture, competition and characteristic scenery. More attention should be paid to children's favorite ways of playing, and children's pools with strong interaction should be planned and designed. More importantly, there should be sufficient space for secondary development. In order to make new breakthroughs in the future, such as the allocation of water recreation equipment that can be operated all the year round, and equipment combined with marine organisms or land equipment, etc.           

3. Choosing high-quality and safe products is the guarantee           

When purchasing water park equipment, we must see whether it has passed the relevant certification. High-quality equipment is the basic guarantee for the normal operation of water park. As we all know, the water paradise with high playability and thrilling excitement has very rich functions and different shapes. Look at the demonstrative effects of some popular equipments on the market at this stage. In addition, other related equipment and facilities should also pay attention to product quality, such as water supply system, pipe software, steel structure support, etc.           

However, in order to build a successful aquatic park, location, equipment configuration and other important factors are also key considerations in operation and management. Investors of aquatic parks should integrate all aspects of conditions, carry out reasonable design and layout, in order to stand out in the market competition pattern.

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