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Water park with "0" safety accidents

Water park with "0" safety accidents

How to have a water park with "0" safety accidents? (2/2)

Important Links in Safe Operation of Water Park

There are many types of large-scale amusement equipment in Lishui Water Park. At present, the largest number of water slides in China are described below. Water slides are used as an example to briefly explain.
1, About the device body
Water slide equipment uses water as a medium to reduce the friction between the human body and the slide, thereby completing the experience of gliding, sprinting, rotating, and high throwing. Therefore, the scientific design and arrangement of the equipment's own trajectory, water volume, and the use of the slides and skateboards used in the manufacture of the equipment require equipment manufacturers and operators to carry out multiple tests and debugs to strictly control. In addition, after being put into use, secondary adjustments must be made during operation to achieve the best value.
At the same time, the large-scale amusement equipment in the park must be tested by the China Special Equipment Testing Institute, the provincial and municipal quality supervision bureaus every year, and the annual inspection certificate must be obtained before it can be put into use. A special person is responsible for the daily operation, maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. Maintain and repair equipment and facilities in accordance with relevant systems, eliminate hidden dangers in a timely manner, and ensure the safe and stable operation of equipment. In particular, it implements post management for safety facility management, and establishes maintenance records, which are monitored and evaluated by the security department.
2. Operation of frontline employees
No matter what type of water slide, tourists' bodies will come into contact with the slide in a large area. Therefore, in order to increase the playing experience and reduce accidental injuries, training in posture control is very important. It can be displayed multiple times in the queuing area with broadcasts, videos and pictures. Before the formal play, employees can demonstrate, guide and correct, and simulation modeling can be set on one side to show it in a more intuitive way.
Tourists who are emotionally nervous and hyperactive may easily deform their postures and be vulnerable. They can help to relieve them by guiding them to perform limb stretching and aerobics. And for some facilities that are more likely to be injured accidentally, visitors must be distributed and urged to wear protective props such as elbow pads.
明 Indicate visitors' hard limit indicators in the queuing area, such as weight restrictions, heart disease, high blood pressure patients, and the elderly. Employees strictly control the entry of overweight people into the device, and safety agreements must be signed for tourists who are too old.
Because of the seasonal nature of the water park, the staff is highly mobile and mostly part-time for college students. More standard staff work site training can be arranged to guide newcomers to ensure that they are proficient in various skills.
3.Lifeguard arrangements
Many people think that drowning people will show obvious pain in the water, such as shouting loudly or waving their arms, but the opposite is true. When drowning, people try to press their arms down to expose their heads to the water for breathing. As a result, people show more drowning in quieter, less attractive ways. According to observational studies in the United States, adults who find that they cannot swim normally on flat water (non-surfing) generally struggle for 60 seconds, compared with 20 seconds for infants and young children.
Because drowning can occur calmly, it is not surprising that lifeguards cannot detect drowners in time, even if the incident occurred 20 feet (6 meters) away. Therefore, the number of lifeguards must be sufficient and no other tasks can be assigned to avoid distracting work.
In water parks abroad, the lifeguard's job is more than just saving drowning people.
First of all, lifeguards must pass the necessary training and certification (certificate). As health and safety standards change, lifeguards also need to continuously update the necessary skills.
Second, athletes ≠ lifeguards. Lifeguards need to master first aid, CPR and skilled use of AED and other first aid equipment to ensure that the wounded remain stable before the arrival of medical staff.
In addition, lifeguards also play a role in monitoring (including people and equipment), education (individual and child swimming and warning of dangerous actions), and evacuation.
Regardless of frontline employees, lifeguards, or managers at all levels, regular emergency drill drills must not be ignored.

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