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On the design and capital raising of theme park from the perspective of operation-3

On the design and capital raising of theme park from the perspective of operation-3

On the design and capital raising of theme park from the perspective of operation-3


In addition, some owners think that it's not worth spending a lot of design fees, and they always want free design. There's no free lunch in the world. Design is priceless, so we can say that a good design project is good, so owners should not save money on design, value free services, not to mention how good free design is, save design fees, and waste construction costs if the operation is not going on It's a big loss. In order to promote the general contracting mode of the project quickly, it can be said that at present, there are not many domestic units that can do the general contracting well (it's easy to be careful when bidding, and may be constantly upset later). If it's the general contracting, it's also necessary to check in advance whether the design units of various disciplines that cooperate with the general contracting unit are qualified, or Party A designates and If the cooperation unit is not agreed in advance, the general contracting cost is not low, but the effect is not necessarily good. The reason is unclear and obvious.            After talking about so many problems, how can the owner find a designer with a high degree of cooperation, we need to focus on the following:           

1. Have the investigated objects engaged in the relevant design of theme park? (it can't be said that it's OK to have done literature travel. The case must be a theme park. There are many differences between the design of a general amusement park or a tourist attraction and a theme park.).           

2. What famous projects have you done? Is the cooperation project introduced by his company true?           

3. Focus on understanding which stage (planning, concept, scheme, expansion and construction drawing) and which specialty (Civil Engineering, HVAC, water supply and drainage, electromechanical, interior decoration, landscape packaging, etc.) the business cases introduced are made The design? At the same time, it is very important to check the contract.            4. How many people are there in the company's existing team size and project design talents of previous well-known cases?           

4. Who will be assigned to your project by the design unit and who is the project manager (focusing on the project manager, and verifying the project experience of all team members reported at the same time, because the ability level of team members assigned to you determines the design level of your project)?           

5. Does the design unit provide you with a team from his unit? It is necessary to verify the social security relationship of team members in the project, and reduce the number of personnel ultimately serving the project from affiliated or outsourcing units.           

6. What is the comprehensive design ability of the design team assigned to the project? The project manager alone is not good. Is the fit high in the design process? I've seen the designer give Party A a a pick.           

7. Whether the previous case contracts have been executed and whether the results have been selected by Party A? (look at the collection records of the contract and the agreement)            9. Has the designed case project been opened? What is the effect of operation after opening? (7-9 three questions can also be understood from Party A who has cooperated with the design unit).           

10. What are the current projects being implemented? (learn about the service effect from partners, as mentioned earlier - there are a lot of projects and limited team members, so we need to consider more. There are many projects and few people. How to ensure the quality?).

It is understood that in the past two years, the industry has also been constantly standardized, and more attention has been paid to product research and development. The above mentioned design works under the chaos have been gradually recognized by the owners in the design process. The owners can only admit their own misfortune. After all, they have caused an impact on the project, terminated cooperation and suffered losses before they make efforts to investigate and find out the real list that can do a good job in related design Please invite bids again. But I personally think the cost of this standard is still very high. It's not Party B who gives this standard, but Party A. because there are too many Party A who have suffered losses, and the circle is not big, everyone has already got word-of-mouth, which can do what they can and can't do, so many unprofessional Party B can't cheat on it, and they are self-discipline in the intangible. This is a good thing. I believe that this kind of ecosystem can be better Add health and strength.            Third, change the thinking of the later intervention of the operation team, when to intervene in the project?            

In recent years, the industry has been advocating that the operation team should be involved early, not only think that the operation team is only responsible for the preparation and operation, they need operation as a strong support for design and engineering to do a lot of work in project planning, check conceptual scheme, deepening and operation capital raising on construction drawings, project output rectification, and construction project bidding. The importance is not here. I published the "operation perspective" in December 18, 2016 and the "operation thinking, winning theme park" in August 23, 2018, which was published by Zhang Lifen. It can be found in the "China amusement" official account. The two chapters have clearly explained the importance of the operation team. In a word, Zhang and I strongly promote operation first because we have seen and experienced the important role of large domestic groups in allowing the operation team to intervene in advance, and failed to pay attention to the problems and losses arising from the early intervention of operation in the project.            But now many owners have paid enough attention to let the operation team intervene in advance, but it seems to me that it's not early enough. Why do you say that? Because now most operation teams find that the scheme design is set and the equipment is purchased, which is too late. It's better to arrive as early as possible. When the owner decides to do the theme park project as early as possible, you need to find at least a professional operation team. From the perspective of cost and workload, it's OK to have only a few operators in the initial stage, but there are limitations in the check, so I also suggest that the owner should also invite a third-party professional operation consultant service unit and open more than one operation team The cost of participating in the evaluation meeting of each stage of the project is not wasted. An expert can save your project's life if he / she has a word in place. This is not blowing.


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